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Birth Stories & Childbirth

       A lot can happen in 10 years 
       My Birth Day 
      Protecting the disabled from birth trauma 
       No Doctors, No Drugs, Lots of Critics
      Childbirth is a blessing 
       Truth About Childbirth 

       Pregnancy Photos
       Free Photo Programs             September Sunrise Time Lapse 

Natural Living
     Cloth Diapering                   What You Should Know About Stomach Virus'
     Cold and Flu                         Supersize Me, Fathead
     Re-Usable Wipes                  Vaccine Post 
     Cosmetic Circumcision 
     Faith Based Circumcision 

Family Management
    Family Meetings 
    Managing a Large Family-



   Managing the Chores            Organizing the Computer and Internet   
   Managing the Laundry            Can Laundry Be an Easy Chore 
    Managing the Kitchen         Chore Charts and Rewards Lists
    Toys & Books                Chore Charts 

Frugal Living 
   Living on Less
Tiny Off Grid Cabin Q&A


   Cooking with Children                  Cooking with Children, Expanded 
   30 meal ideas                                 Frugal Meal Ideas
   Best Cookie Recipe                       Weekly Menu 1
   Peeps Sunflower Cake 

Free Photo Programs             September Sunrise Time Lapse 

Political & Religious Thoughts

Do You Know Your Rights                         My Thought on the Election Results
Are You Really Innocent?                         What is Halloween 
Consent to Search                                       The Spiritual Message I Received From Conference.
So We Make Abortion Illegal, Then What       Welfare and Drug Testing 
The Absurdity of the IRS                                 38 Years Ago 
Its OK, Everybody Else Is Doing It                  Truth
How Government Welfare Contradicts Christianity     My Thoughts on Prop 8 
I am a Mormon and I Support Ron Paul    The Babies of our Future  

Random Posts  ( in random order)
New House                       Welcoming our Newest Family Member     My Shelves 
Making Progress               4 Days Goes by Fast                             I Love Summer 
On My Mind                      Don't Mess With Mama Bear               August Already 
Time Sure Flies                     July Is Off With A Bang              Independence Day 2011
Its Soooo Hot                     Break From the Heat                          He Finally Has a Name 
What a Beautiful Sky          Typical Summer Days                       Settled In  
Blessing Of Lucas Teomner     Great Way To Start My Week         A Rare Treat
And For Your Viewing Pleasure    Field Trip: Civil War exhibit        This Week 8/22-26
        OOPS                      Fall Is Upon Us                  Oh What An Early Start To my Day 
Sunny Day For the Park      October Days    Tour of a Few Back Roads In Kentucky
Week 7 in Review        Week 8 in Review       Halloween 2007    Week 9 in Review 
Zachary Turns 6         Stick Family    November in a Nutshell       Maintaining Sanity 
The Gift of Time    The Birth of Our Savior    What's With All the Blue     12 Goals for 2012

  Week 53~ Fresh Deer and New Glasses  Week 54~ Surprise 
 Week 55~The First Snow   Week 56~ Welcome to 2013 Week 57~ Goin Wabbit Huntin
Week 58~ What Day Is It?    Week 59&60~ Its all a Blur                                                           Week 61~ Baking and a Budding Photographer     Week 62~ It Was A Long One
 Week 63~ Back to our Normal Weirdness  
 Week 64~ Like a Dog Chasing Its Tail       Week 65~ Prepping for Spring    Week 66~ Sneak Peek of Spring     Week 67~ New Sewing Projects    Week 68~ Some New Art Projects    Week 69 & 70~ Busy Spring Chores!     Week 71 & 72~ No Time ForBlogging   Week 73- Week ? ~ What Week Are We On    Week 76 ~ A photo journal    Week 77 and 78~ In photos Week 79 and 80~ Summertime Fun Week 81 and 82, 83, 84, 85, 86.... ok, lets catch up to week 93!
Week 94~ Back Into Blogging    Week 95~ A Broken Down Van       Week 96~ Fall is Here

Week 97~ What a Busy Week    Week 98~ I am tired    Week 99~Carving Pumpkins
Week 100~ A Low Key Week    Week 101 ~ Moving Week      Week 102~Crazy Weather
Week 103~ Baptism of Zachary Michael    Week 104~Some Organizing and a Belly Pic   Week 105~ The Wood Stove is In!   Week 106~ Happy Birthday and Some New Projects    Week 107~ December, Whaddaya Mean Its December   Week 108~ 2 Year Anniversary
Week 109~ Last Days of 2013    Week 110~111~ New Year is Here   Week 112~Looks Like Winter    Week 113~Lessons Learned the Hard Way 
Week 114~ Baby Goats    Week 115~ A reminder that its still winter    Week 116~ winter Blahs   Week 117~ Beautiful Weather and a Growing Belly   Week 118-119~ No Baby Yet
 Week 120 ~ I can see Spring from here   Week 121~ Week gone by too fast 
Week 122-123~ Welcoming a New Baby Week 124~ It finally feels like spring 
Week 125 ~ Goofy Children  Week 126~ Building an outdoor kitchen Week 127 ~ Winter is hijacking my spring  Week 128~ Baby Animals
Meal Plan Monday 

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Week 8   Week 9   Week 10   Week 11  Week 12   Week 13   Week 14
Week 15&16   Week 17    Week 18   Week 19   Week 20  Week 21
Week 22

Extreme Budget Makeover 2011

September Skillet Meals 
September 2011 I challenged myself to make a new to me meal each day, healthy easy, low cost meals you can cook on the stove top, or no cook meals. I came up with 23 of them. 

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