March 31, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 17~ Funny Ezra

 What's new in our life
We are still without a computer and I am adjusting. I can still do the facebook stuff but I cant really blog and there is no way to do my photos. That is the hardest part. I dont know what lesson I am supposed to learn from this.. We are also transitioning into off grid living. We are seeing what amount of electricity we need so we can purchase a solar powered energy system.

One The Homestead
We have started our gardening. We are weeding out the large strawberry patch next to the plowed area. By my guestimate we have about 300 plants. We hope to get them all uncovered and the garden planted this next week. We are still doing formal lessons but the weather is making it hard to focus. Quinten grabbed some chemistry books from the library and has had his nose in them all week.

My Favorite thing this week..
Watching my children interact. Ezra has developed a sense of humor and had me laughing the other day.. He brought me he slipper to me  and asked me to put it on his foot. I told him know, to ask his brother. He walked up to Lucas and asked him, then laughed and walked over to Isaac who then put his slipper on. Lucas is also developing quite the personality. I will catch him staring at my face and when I look at him he gives me an extra large grin like he is trying to do it on purpose.. its quite amusing.  Olivia and Urijah have been inseperable being best buddies and enemies several times a day. They sure do give me a run for my money

I hope to be able to get online next week and post some photographs. I have some great ones to share..


  1. Sorry you are with out your computer. Your Lucas sounds like a funny little guy.

  2. I look forward to seeing pictures. Have a great week.


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