October 07, 2013

Meal Plan Monday ~ Week 4

This is my 4th week posting the meal plans. I think I have worked out most of the kinks.. I try to post as much info as time allows, but if you have a specific question, please ask.. I will be happy to answer. Don't forget to choose the option to receive notifications to pots when you comment.. otherwise you may never know I answered! :)

I try to do bulk shopping once a month a  fill in weekly as needed. We do a pantry build, so we tend to buy large quantities of basic food items. This is not becasue we have a large family, although it helps, but this method also works great for smaller families and even single people. I like to shop sale/clearance items. I rarely use coupons. I will also include here random non-food grocery items, as I do include that in our budget.

Our Meal Plan
* snacks are usually cheese and crackers, pretzels, fruit/veggies, or fresh baked goods
*Sundays we fast one meal, the littles usually snack since they do not fast. ( its optional for everyone)
*we do have a small supplement of food from our garden. Its not a lot tho
*meals are subject to change without notice ;)

Our weekly menu is brought to you by Quinten, who is officially in charge of planning and preparing the majority of the family meals.

Sunday        B Yogurt/Bananas
                    L/D Grilled Cheese

Monday       B  Omlettes
                    L  PBJ
                    D Taco Salad

Tuesday       B  Oatmeal w/brown sugar
                    L  PBJ
                    D  Alfredo Pasta w/broccoli

Wednesday  B  Oatmeal w/pineapple
                    L   Tuna Pasta Salad
                    D  Spaghetti

Thursday      B  Oatmeal
                    L  Hummus
                    D  Stir Fry

Friday          B  Oatmeal
                    L  PBJ
                    D  Black Bean Salsa

Saturday      B Breakfast Tacos
                    L Pizza ( Take out)
                    D Goat Meat Roast

Shopping List 

8 loaves bread .79
2 boxes saltine crackers $1.50
1 bag chips $1.19
1 can cheese dip $2
1 cont. Sherbet
1 qt orange juice $1.99
2 cans frosting $1.09 ( with coupon)
1 box cake mix $1.89
1 2 liter ginger ale .89
1 pkg toilet paper .88
4 clearance bags gummy lifesavers .50
2 clearance bags raisinettes .75

3 Food Storage Buckets $1
4.78lbs banana's .52lb
6 jars Alfredo sauce $1.38
2 Boxes Cheeze Nips $1.68
4.8lbs apples .97
3 4pk yogurt $1.98

Dollar Tree
1 3pk food container
1 table sponge
1 dish brush
1 pk batteries AA
1 pk batteries D
1 flashlight
1 pk super glue
1 box freezer bags
2 bars vegetable bath soap
1 2pk irish spring soap
1 pk lighters
1 box kitchen matches
1 bottle shampoo
1 bottle conditioner
1 salt pepper shaker set
1 kithcen spoon
2 jars olives
2 pkg tootsie rolls
4 small red bins ( for kitchen gadgets)
2 tube toothpaste
2 rolls twine
4 bottles lemon juice
1 bag candy corn
1 bottle rubbing alcohol
2 brooms
1 spray bottle

Total week spending $93.18   Total month spending $93.18      Total year spending (9/8/13) $583.08

*If for some reason you think we aren't eating right, then no worries, just move along. I assure you my family is extremely healthy and our diet sustains my very energetic free range children.


  1. We have had milk goats but no meat goats. You'll have to tell me is the roast is good!! Here's the link for my week's plan.


  2. Try this recipe for Birria with your goat meat. http://masaassassin.blogspot.com/2009/04/birria-de-chivo-recipe-goat-stew.html (It looks like a pretty authentic recipe, although I have not made this myself. It is a Mexican favorite!)


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