February 25, 2012

The Homestead Journal~ Week 12~ Bulitan Board and a House Guest

What's New in Our Life
Not much is new this week. We have taken in a friends dog while they are in the middle of a big move. He is a wonderful little Daschund. And of course, as usual, now resides in Abigail's bed. 

This blog will be a bit short this week.. I have misplaced the gadget to get my pics on the computer. I can barely recall what we did most days.. Its a slacker week on the blog! 

I did however, build my new bulliten board.. Stay tuned for next week when I show you what we put on it to help keep us organized!! 

Homeschool Happenings 

 For Scout School the boys are working on the Archaeology Merit Badge. Isaac has been eagerly working on his Wolf Badge. . 
We have been doing alot of reading on anciet times, and a bit of the prehistoric. I am personally reading a book on Church and State, I hope to finish it soon, but I generally only get in a page or two at a time.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our Adventures
Church on Sunday * Story time/Library on Tuesday * Scouts on Wednesday * Saturday
Jacob and Quinten had Merit Badge University on Saturday. Quinten earned his First Aid Badge and Jacob earned Citizenship in the World. The rest of us spent the day shopping and going to the park. 

 Challenges/Accomplishments This Week
We have been doing much better with keeping the floors picked up for Lucas. 

My Favorite Thing This Week 
We had a beautiful warm sunny 70° day! Thursday was just wonderful and we spent the afternoon outside, playing and cleaning up the yard. I can't wait to start planting! 

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  1. Oh! Keeping floors picked up for those babies. That is a work to keep you on your toes! I still do it. It sort of becomes one of those things you do inadvertently.

    I am excited to see your bulletin board. So far the idea looks cool.


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