February 18, 2013

The Homestead Journal~ Week 62~ It Was A Long One

Homestead Happenings
Sunday, Jacob and Quinten went to church with our church neighbors. They have been a wonderful help with getting my children to their activities. I am grateful for their kindness. 
 We have been baking cookies, and Quinten and Abigail made a cake from scratch for Urijah's 5th!! yes 5th!! birthday!

Thursday we received a package from a  FB friend, full of seeds! It was amazing! An incredible blessing!  We spent the afternoon planning out our garden.

This week was a struggle and the housework swallowed me whole. The children have been struggling emotionally and its really beginning to show. Saturday 
a good friend and her husband showed up and visited. After a while of chatting, they helped me clean up.. I found my sanity underneath a huge pile of dishes. 

What We Are Learning About  
Olivia has really expressed interest in math and reading this week. Its not something I pressure, I let them come about it on their own. She has been carrying her math workbook around with her. She has the concept grasped, she mostly is working on the method. 

Lucas is learning more and more 1 each day. His vocabulary has exploded. He has also been quite the comedian, being silly at most every opportunity. 

Ezra has been into music and will bring me the hymn book for me to sing to him. We often use the app on the phone as it has words and music. 

The older ones have been working on powerpoint an publisher projects. I will post them when they are complete. They enjoy doing research and making the slideshows. 

Our Adventures 
I worked on Thursday. I really love my job (click here for images)
Jacob, Quinten had Young Mens, and Isaac had cub scouts. He is really having a blast in his new pack and loves his cub scout leaders. 

On Our Bookshelf
We borrow a lot of books from the library. The children pick out their own books, and I grab some that I feel they need for school. 

The Little's Books 

The Older's Books

The Schooling Books
Living in Ancient Egypt
Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia 
Baking Basics and Beyond 
Almost from Scratch 
Liberty Defined
Brain Surgery for Beginners: And other major operations for minors
Insects of North America
The encyclopedia of world history : ancient, medieval, and modern, chronologically arranged 
 The Usborne Internet-linked encyclopedia of world history 
The joy of chickens

Mom's Books 
 National Geographic guide to medicinal herbs : the world's most effective healing plants 

What We Are Watching 

Curious George... all.. the.. time..  Ezra loves to grab my phone and watch it.
Man vs Wild.. Bear Grills is crazy.. This is why I don't desire to travel.. 

Myth Busters.... always fun, we need to emphasize "do not try this at home

Abigail and Isaac have been using Book Adventure to quiz on the books they read. Check it out!

Additional Photos of Our Week

I wear a head covering most of the time, Lucas loves to wear them too. He put this on himself
Drive by photography. I took this on  my way home from work.
Isaac got a photo of the "attack of the birds"

Wednesday, it snowed. briefly, but we got some big fat flakes. This is the barn across the street from work.. I can see it out my window and I keep thinking I wanted a photo of it.. The snow provided a great opportunity. 

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