February 21, 2011

Assignment #12

Paying down Debt
The Debt Snowball

Another great Dave Ramsey idea, the debt snowball ( click here)

First. Don't pay anything off. Build a $1000 cash reserve. If you can save $100 a month  add that to your envelope budget system. Once you have that $1000, you can work towards paying down your debt. 

Make a list of all your debt. Order them smallest to biggest. Once you have your $1000, take they money you were putting towards that and pay off the smallest debt. If you were already making payments on that debt add that payment to your "snowball". 


you pay $80 a month for credit card, balance, $800
you pay $120 a month for doctor bill, balance $1500
you pay $240 a month car pmt, balance $3,000
so you are paying $440 a month on debt. 

you take the $100 you had budgeted for savings AND the $80 to pay the credit card. Once its payed off you take that $180 AND the $120 and pay off the doctor. Once that is payed off you take the $300 and the $240 and pay off your car. 

Once your debt is clear you now have $540 a month you are use to paying in bills with. Keep budgeting that money but put it into your savings. 

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  1. I read Total Money Makeover. I loved the book and his ideas, though it is very hard it do.


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