April 13, 2014

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 124~ It Finally Feels Like Spring!

On the Homestead
A family friend gave us this adorable sweater set for the baby.. I just love it and its perfect for these chilly spring mornings! 

Quinten improvising his mixer

We have blossoms on the Homestead! 

We had a little rescue mission on the homestead. The boys spotted this snake, he had some wire mesh wrapped around him. Jacob cut it off and he and Quinten checked the wound, which was healing. After everyone got to see the snake, it was released. Non threatening snakes are welcome on the Homestead. 

  Lucas and Ezra were unsure but they  finally touched the snake 

In his normal Zachary fashion, he was trying to get the snake to sit in the chair.
We all know how well that went 

I thought our female Pyrenees, Taylor was the best dog we ever owned. While she was an amazing dog, Alma is even more amazing. He is so attentive to his "flock". He follows the goats/children around the homestead and when they stop to eat/work on a project he will sit back and over look everything. He is sitting behind this tree because he saw me with the camera earlier.. He found a spot where he couldn't see me but still could watch the children. Such a highly intelligent dog.

We decided to do a raised row garden along with our raised bed. We tilled an L shape spot. 

I was playing with the camera a bit. I much prefer outdoor photography.. 

Our Adventures 
Sunday I had a meeting in Louisville so the whole family came along and we hit a local park
 The "Spider Web"
  My little dare devil. I expected him to use his hands.. He was slow about taking that step but he was confident in his balance. He did use his hands on the next step tho. 
 Olivia is a pro at these monkey bars!

On Tuesday I had another meeting in Etown
another park day!

 Homeschool Recess

Ezra was pretending to be a dog

We went to a church activity on Wednesday evening. I am still hesitant to go back to church, but we are testing the waters. 

Ezra was mad because Jacob made him put his buckles on. And of course he didn't want his picture taken.. I love his response to Jacob. 

Additional Photos

I took this photo because I noticed he was *almost* holding his scissors the correct way. 
Its not something I have taught per se, as I often forget people hold their scissors wrong. But he has learned this by observation... 
** more info on how to properly hold scissors**
This is not just for hair cutting, it will reduce hand fatigue for anyone who does a lot of cutting
AHEM crafters! 

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  1. Love it! Little guy is adorable - love his little feet. Blooms are pretty.

  2. LOVE your family! Do you have a name for your sweet, new boy yet? He's adorable!

  3. The red blossom is pretty! Snake?--y'all can have 'em all! LOVE the family pic at the park in the "web", and the baby feet. Baby pis are cute too. ;)


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