June 18, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 27~ SFG Progress, New Kitties and a Visit to Some Baby Ducks

Homestead Happenings
Its been a beautiful week, weather wise. Our garden has grown some, we have corn that is looking great, and a few watermelons the size of large grapes..  My sfg is doing beautifully. I have peppers popping up and the tomatoes and zuccini are blooming. Saturday we built another box and planted corn. I will plant another box next week. One  4x4 SFG can hold about 64 corn plants. I will plant 52 and plant squash and green beans along with them.

We have been brushing up on some old ASL lessons, and learning some new ones. As with any language, using it is the best way to learn, so we will focus on more practical words we use daily. We are still enjoying our bird study and have seen some birds in our yard. blue jays, mocking birds, starlings etc. I did spot a Red Wing Black Bird but he took off faster than I can grab my camera.

We had some friends over for dinner on Tuesday. It was no nice to sit and chat and get to know them better. Its a great blessing to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Our Adventures
Wednesday I planned a big day for us. We quickly did our chores and packed the van. First stop was the library, and then to a friends home to pick blackberries. We then headed over to visit the cows, taking the back roads. After that we headed in to Bowling Green, ran a few errands and then to the park. We fed the ducks, played on the playground and the boys got some fishing in. Stopped at Kroger for ice cream sandwiches then off to scouts for the older boys.
On Our Bookshelf
The Little's Books 
they are into  the Curious George books right now

The Older's Books
Jacob is reading Being George Washington by Glenn Beck
Quinten is reading Treasure Island
Isaac is reading The Secret Garden
Abigail is reading the Nancy Drew series
Daddy is reading The Contrary Farmers Invitation to Gardening
Mommy is reading John Stossel's book  No, They Can't

Our family reading time, I am reading
I just finished the BFG by Rhoad Dahl

Additional Photos of Our Week

My Beautiful Olivia
He was upset with me for taking his picture,
he is usually a ham, but he was ready for a nap this day

 He wanted to give the ducky a kiss

 The Children camped out on Friday night
 Visitor in our garden

We adopted a sibling set of kittens. Names to be announced next week

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  1. Amazing pictures once again. Love the one of Daddy and little guy on the riding toy. Boys will be boys! The duckling is adorable, and you are right - Olivia is beautiful and Adorable. Sweet pictures.

  2. Love the photo of Joe on the bee! Priceless! LOL


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