November 10, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~Week 48~ Saying Goodbye.....Again

Homestead Happenings
Sunday afternoon after settling in from church and doing a few chores we were heartbroken to find our Lucy dog forever asleep in her bed. We are not sure what happened, but we are devastated by it. To read more about our Lucy dog, click here. 

On a brighter note, the babies have been a delight this past week.  Ezra has been a little competitive with Lucas. To give Ezra extra attention I have been letting him come into bed in with me in the mornings after Daddy gets up for seminary. Usually Lucas is still sleeping and he slips in on Daddy's side. We chat and he sings to me. Its a perfect reason to stay in bed a bit longer. 

 Lucas has been talking quite a bit. He is learning a whole set of new boundaries and loves to see what type of reaction he can get from mom. He is also becoming more independent. He does quite well with a fork and has been caught several times scaling a shelf or chair to help himself to a drink, or some item mom has deemed off limits. He also has two new teeth. A few weeks ago he had a fever for an entire week or more. I figured he was teething, but I didn't see any new  teeth. I discovered last night his top two molars came in. They are not all the way in, but I think my speculation of the mysterious fever was correct. 

Saturday we cleaned up the yard a bit and enjoyed the almost 70° weather. We had let our SFG's go and didn't think we had anything still growing. The children dug out a box full of tomatoes, one small watermelon and something that may have wanted to be a squash. Most of the tomatoes were green but Jacob fried them up. We also added some to our chili and we are letting the others ripen.

 I have also been doing a little organizing around the house to make our winter chores and such a bit easier. It time to settle down into a bit more book work on the cold days. I also altered our laundry system to baskets by days, and not people. Laundry has been a bit easier and the children seem to like the system as well. I will give it another week to be sure. And speaking of laundry, we ran out of soap. I found my hubby has been using "extra", so I hope this next batch I make tomorrow will last a bit longer. As "punishment" he gets to grate the next bar of soap ;) 

Our Adventures
We had fun at the library on Wednesday. Quinten lost his privileged to go, so Joe sent Olivia in his place. She did really well and I may invite her again. ( I usually only take the 5 older ones)  She and Isaac did the craft project and she did an amazing job. 

she copied the image in the stamp

Thursday we went to visit friends and pick up wood. It was a wonderful visit and I love the drive out there. They too have a large family so there is a friend for everyone. Lucas found their kitty and had to show me. He sure does love the kitties, he is just quite overzealous about them! 

What We Have Been Learning About
I have been trying to get Jacob interested in economics, he is not. I will make one last try, but he much prefers history and civics so we will move our focus that direction. I know better than to try to force education, but I was hoping I could change his mind. Quinten however, has showed an interest, so not all hope is lost. 

Abigail is almost done with her animal work book. We are not sure what she will do next, I think we will just find a more in depth project on animal studies. Isaac is really into copy work and is going strong in his state studies. Zachary will not consider anything that even remotely resembles "school time" however he loves to learn on his own so he stays pretty busy. Olivia is learning her letters and writing and is teaching Urijah. As I wrote above, Olivia loves to draw and has been working diligently on drawing. I plan to have some art projects in the next few weeks as we settle into our structured lessons for the winter. 

On Our Bookshelf
We borrow a lot of books from the library. The children pick out their own books, and I grab some that I feel they need for school. This is a somewhat partial but nearly complete list

The Little's Books 
Merry Christmas : a storybook collection.
 Daddy's girl
My "s" book 
 Pacifiers are not forever ( Olivia is obsessed with books with babies on them)
Very first words : bedtime 
 The rain came down 

The Older's Books
Jacob is reading 
Quinten is reading End the Fed by Ron Paul
Abigail is up to book 47 in the Nancy Drew series, Little House on the Prairie 
Isaac is reading Ivanhoe
Zachary is reading the Magic Tree House series books 

The Schooling Books
                               Liberty Defined: 50 Essential issues that effect our freedom
Crafts for Kids who are wild about insects
Every day life in Bible Times 
Fun with Nature
Incredible bugs 
Math and Logic games
1,000 Facts on Bugs
Drawing creepy crawlies

Mom's Books 

What We Are Watching 
Curious George Goes to the Doctor
Curious George Sails With the Pirates
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Abigail and Isaac have been using Book Adventure to quiz on the books they read. Check it out! 

Challenges and Accomplishments
My strength is always being tested. Sometimes, I feel most often, I fail. I have been dealing with a hard situation at work. The owner has some personal matters she has not resolved, and her aggression has been getting perpetually worse.  This past Tuesday, I had to make the decision to quit. It was hard, as I know we need all the income we can get, but I was not only fearful of what she might do, but also of how I may react. I felt my temper flaring that day. I knew I had no other options. Perhaps some cooling time and some adjustments from the owner can present a second opportunity.  For now, we are looking into other options.

Link/Quote/Photo to share
As most everyone has heard, President Obama will serve a second term. These are my thoughts on the matter.

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  1. Grating the bar of soap isn't fun. I did a quadruple batch last time. That's a lot of grating.

    Sorry to hear about your dog. It's hard to lose a pet.


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