January 06, 2014

Monday Meal Plan ~ Week 17

I have been working to try to journal our meals. I forget often, and then try to remember on Sundays when I have time to blog. Its been tricky! 

Things to Remember

I try to post as much info as time allows, but if you have a specific question, please ask.. I will be happy to answer. Don't forget to choose the option to receive notifications to posts when you comment.. otherwise you may never know I answered! :)

I try to do bulk shopping once a month a fill in weekly as needed, although lately we have been doing more weekly shopping. We do a pantry build, so we tend to buy large quantities of basic food items. This is not just because we have a large family, although it helps, but this method also works great for smaller families and even single people. I like to shop sale/clearance items. I rarely use coupons. I will also include here random non-food grocery items, as I do include that in our budget. We shop for ingredients, not meals. This saves money and we eat a bit better I think.

Why Changing How You Shop is Important
It can be hard to comprehend buying and storing 50lbs of rice, or 100 cans of green beans. May people just don't think its worth it. But there is another aspect of changing how you shop. 

I generally shop on Fridays, but the past two weeks I headed in on Saturday. Just before we got a winter weather advisory. While the shelves were not quite this bad, we also live a little more south that this. 

But no location is exempt from storms, or other emergencies that can leave one stranded at home a few extra days. I recommend at minimum 3 days food storage. I would make a goal of one week per month. 

I try to remind people what Black Friday is like. You have seen the mobs fighting over luxury items like TV's and toys. Can you imagine when its food.  Think of how bad the mobs will be when they are now looking for survival. 

Spending as little as $10 a week can build up a good food storage. A few extra bags of beans, rice, canned veggies and water. Buy what your family will eat. Add it to your food rotation. Think of your bank account and you leave $100 in there, but mark your balance as $0. Do this with your food as well.. 30 cans of veggies means, you are out of veggies and its time to stock back up. 

Our Meal Plan
* Snacks are usually cheese and crackers, pretzels, fruit/veggies, or fresh baked goods
*Sundays we fast one meal, the littles usually snack since they do not fast. ( its optional for everyone)
*We do have a small supplement of food from our homestead and friends. Although, its not a lot.

Our weekly menu is brought to you by Quinten, who is officially in charge of planning and preparing the majority of the family meals.

Breakfasts.. oatmeal, pancakes, omlettes
Lunches.. PBJ, Hummus, leftovers, ramen noodle, 
Dinners.... Mac& Cheese with hot dogs, Fried Cabbage with bacon and rice, Potato Soup,                            Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Pizza ( take out)...........

Shopping List
(prices are for each, unless noted )

2 pks plastic cups $1.99
2 pkg wipes $1
2 pkg diapers $5.49
2 pkg wipes 1.49
3 jugs egg nog $2.99
4 flash lights $4
1 3pk paper towels $2.19
5 pkgs hot dogs $1.49 (sale)
1 pkg hot dogs $1.99 
1 gallon ice cream $3.99
6 jars jelly $1.72
9 boxes Mac & Cheese .66
2 hot coco containers $2.57
14 loaves bread .79
2 pkg gummy bears $1
2 pkg saltines $1.50
1 jar mayo $1.99
2 8lb bag oranges $5.99
2 heads lettuce $1.29
6.67lbs pears $1.59lb
4.61lbs pears .59lb
7.64lbs cabbage .33lb
12 yogurt .40

Dollar Tree 
3 hot coco mugs
2 lemon juice
1 lg spray bottle
1 sm spray bottle
1 jar minced garlic
1 vanilla extract
1 pkg tootsie rolls
3 pr thermal socks
1 pk knives
8 pkg candy canes .25 sale
2 3pk D batteries 
1 pk AAA batteries
2 ducky scrubber brush
1 2pk 9 volt batteries
1 pkg steel wool
1 speaker ( didnt work)
1 pkg rope
1 pkg safety glasses

1 12 pk soda $2.50

Total week spending $169  Total month spending (Jan) $169  Total year spending  $169

*If for some reason you think we aren't eating right, then no worries, just move along. I assure you my family is extremely healthy and our diet sustains my very energetic free range children.


  1. I'm interested to know how you are storing your rice and beans. Do you use 5 gallon buckets with the gamma lids? I have 3 50lb bags of salt hogging a LOT of space in one of my very few cabinets, but I definitely don't want it to go bad so I'm trying to figure out a solution. Of course, where to store the buckets would be another issue right? haha

    1. right now we grab the buckets from the Walmart bakery. They charge us $1. They stack great.

  2. My husband and I have talked about what would happen in a crisis several times. If the stores shelves went empty what would happen? we could easily live a couple months off what we have in our cabinets and freezer maybe 3? ... But after that period we would defiantly be hurting. It's hard to imagine it ever really happening tho, you know? It's my goal to produce enough food off our land so we hardly ever have to go to the grocery store. I would love to be at the point of only buying staples maybe every 6 months... Or a year!! That's my dream... We only have one acre and we do ok. We have goats for milk and meat, raise meat birds, laying hens & getting meat rabbits & a pig this spring and of course we garden & I can what I can but I admit I haven't done gardening at my full capacity. I have to get better. We still do ok. We have a local farmer who sells onions, beans, and potatoes all year round, and during the summer months all kinds of veggies. He sells his beans 1.00 a pound, his potatoes 50# for 5.00$ and his veggies are mostly 1.00 a poiund but it depends on what it is. Anyway, I didn't mean to leave such a long comment!
    Blessings for the new year :)


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