November 18, 2013

Monday Meal Plan ~ Week 10

We are moved and cooking over an open fire. We will have propane as well over the winter. But there isn't much you cant do outside. This will be fun to share our campfire meals! We are still settling in, so we don't have much variety.

Things to Remember 

 I try to post as much info as time allows, but if you have a specific question, please ask.. I will be happy to answer. Don't forget to choose the option to receive notifications to pots when you comment.. otherwise you may never know I answered! :)

I try to do bulk shopping once a month a fill in weekly as needed. We do a pantry build, so we tend to buy large quantities of basic food items. This is not because we have a large family, although it helps, but this method also works great for smaller families and even single people. I like to shop sale/clearance items. I rarely use coupons. I will also include here random non-food grocery items, as I do include that in our budget. We shop for ingredients, not meals. This saves money and we eat a bit better I think.

Our Meal Plan
* Snacks are usually cheese and crackers, pretzels, fruit/veggies, or fresh baked goods
*Sundays we fast one meal, the littles usually snack since they do not fast. ( its optional for everyone)
*We do have a small supplement of food from our homestead. Although, its not a lot.

Our weekly menu is brought to you by Quinten, who is officially in charge of planning and preparing the majority of the family meals.


B Bananas & Yogurt
D Taco Salad

B Omlettes
D Chili & Cornbread

B Oatmeal
D Stir Fry

B Oatmeal
L Cheese & Bologna Sandwich
D Spaghetti

B oatmeal
L Leftovers
D Stir Fry ( we had lots of cabbage and cauliflower from a friends garden this week)

B bananas and yogurt
D Alfredo Pasta

B Omlettes
L Ramen Noodles
D Bologna & Cheese Sandwiches

Shopping List
(prices are for each, unless noted )

Kroger $13.16  $10.68  $8.67
2.14 lbs roma tomatoes $2.10
1 jar salsa $1.50
1 hot coco mix $2.57
2 bags tortilla chips $1
2 boxes saltines $1.50
1 pkg bologna $1.99
3 bags chips $1.99
1 pkg bologna $1.29
1 pkg cheese $1.09
2 loaves bread .79
4.8 lbs bananas $2.74
22 yogurts .40
bananas $2.68
1 2 liter ginger-ale $150
4 bags pretzels $1.25
6 dozen eggs .99
1 dole smoothie FREE
1 pkg sliced cheese $2.49
2 lbs shredded cheese $2.99
2 heads lettuce $2.36
2.8lbs roma tomatoes $2.74
2 3#bags apples $2.99
2 1lbs bacon $2.99
7 cans tuna $.69
5 loaves bread .79
5.93 lbs ripe bananas $2.25
1 pkg wipes $1.49

3 loaves bread $1.28
4 gallons water .88

Save A Lot
3 Oatmeal $2.39

3# onions $1.99

Dollar Tree
3 pk socks
cheese dip
gummy bears
hair ties

Total week spending $115.95 Total month spending (Nov) $288.32 Total year spending (9/8/13) $2256.96

*If for some reason you think we aren't eating right, then no worries, just move along. I assure you my family is extremely healthy and our diet sustains my very energetic free range children.

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