May 12, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 128~ Baby Animals

On The Homestead

Spent Sunday and Monday doing some monthly chores. Cleaning out and reorganizing the lofts. Moving some things to the outside kitchen, a mini clothing sort to put away a few more winter items. I can't believe its May and we still have to keep light sweaters out for the mornings. 
This is how you accomplish chores with a 5 week old

Last week was the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby. While we are not race fans, its hard to ignore the fanfare of it. So the children got this grand idea to have our own Derby.. A Goat Derby.

Monday afternoon we took on the task of corralling and racing the goats. It was insane.. Annie and Clarabelle were in their own worlds and the older goats kept trying to steal the treats aka chicken scratch. The goats were finally rounded up, the GO! was given and the goats were off. Fiona and Banjo took off after the bucket of feed and the girls followed.. Black Betty thought this was all just ridiculous and went back to grazing under the pines. Fiona ( who was picked as the favorite) had the lead the whole race. Banjo had a lead on Annie but she pulled ahead at the end.

1st Place ~Fiona
2nd Place ~ Clarabelle
3rd Place ~ Annie
4th Place ~ Banjo
DNF~ Black Betty

We had some ups and downs. A co worker found these baby bunnies in the dog yard on Monday. The momma bunny must have thought it was a nice quiet place to have babies Sunday.

She took the babies home and bottle fed them. Abigail took over yesterday. She even got up in the middle of the night to feed them. There are 5, she suspects 3 girls and two boys.

We lost one on Wednesday. One on Thursday and the rest died on Friday.. I think she did good to keep them alive as long as she did.

We have a mourning dove by the cabin, 

 According Isaac's research they build their nests along tree lines. And they lay 2 eggs. 14 days incubation time. We do not know what day we are on but we will be watching them.

I guess she had been there 2 weeks.. This was the next day 

Isaac found this little turtle

Angel spotted this. Not a baby tho.. They ( not me, I was at work thankfully) prepped the turtle and had it for lunch.

And I spotted this.... he smiles big for me now...
 He had been smiling for dad but not me

Quinten's drawing  

I have always been interested in animal behavior. I especially enjoy watching the animals here on the homestead.

Last week my husband was telling me about one such interaction. Alma, our male Pyr caught a rabbit. He proudly showed it to The Homestead Husband and then brought it over to Angel and Dumbo ( our boxer and her little dog-- yes our dog has adopted a dog) Anyhow the two dogs shared the rabbit. Alma went on his way.

A few days ago I was watching Maggie our female pyr and Banjo, our male goat. Banjo is trying to dominate Maggie.. Maggie doesnt seem to care at first but Banjo is pushing.. Finally Maggie has had enough an snaps back.

Banjo keeps pushing his luck. Maggie lets Banjo know she means business. Angel jumps up and and puts her face right up to Maggie getting between Banjo and Maggie. At this point Banjo gets the idea and walks off. Angel goes back to her nap and Banjo walks off. I love how they watch out for each other.

Our Adventures 
A few of the dogs I groomed this week 

I use to live in the city.. For years I maneuvered through Austin traffic. 
I prefer these types of traffic jams... 
This time of year, there are many of them.. 

Yes, I take photos while I am driving.. Hey, I slow down! 

This is a great photo.. It was so much more amazing in person. 
The storm was moving in.. For about an hour we had blazing sun and thunder.. Then the rain  clouds finally took over and we had a great storm. 

Additional Photos
Annie 5 mos old 

Double rainbow 


Photographing the moon is tricky. I was hoping to get Mars, as it was quite visible.. But I am still happy with this shot, as I did not use a tripod and you can see the detail of the moon quite well. 

I love his expression 

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  1. Did the kids eat the turtle? I'm just curious. I would be glad I was at work, too. I just love all the pictures. I love your big dog, Maggie. She is so pretty. Angel is so sweet.

    It's so hard to believe the baby goat is five months already. Where did the time go?

    1. yes, they all loved it. They were raving about how good it was. maybe it is, but psychologically, I cant do it.. I will stick to eating plants. ;)

  2. Forgot to mention Quinten's oak tree is beautiful. Love it. Makes me want to swing from it or put a pretty bench underneath.


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