January 13, 2014

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 110 & 111~ New Year is Here

On The Homestead 

The year has started off in a whirl wind.. I have not had the energy to blog. The cold weather has kept us cabin bound. We did have some fun making treats! 

This is the sun setting on 2013

 Black Betty is getting bigger!

Joe had been talking about re arranging the cabin, I was in opposition, but he moved it around any how and for now, its working better.

I snapped these impromptu pics when I got home from work one day. 

We had a cold snap come through. Polar Vortex as they called it. 
It was miserable. The good news was that I was off two of the three days we had to suffer from it. Joe was able to get off as well as the restaurant was dead. 

I learned that I will in fact die of hypothermia. I get cold under 70°, I can handle down to 20°.. Three days at 0° temps, in in the teens breaks a person like me down.. In addition, the cabin is not prepped for such temps and even at full blast, the wood stove was struggling.. If the storm had lasted any longer we would have had to run the kerosene heater as well. I am glad we kept it for back up. 

We attempted a few of the popular water projects, the bubbles popped before they froze, and the water into the air was more steam. But it was fun trying.

The baby is growing fast. Moving lots! Lucas keeps telling me I have a puppy in my belly.. he has concluded the puppy is with the baby, which was clarified after I thought it was just a puppy :) 

I am feeling great. A little slow changing positions, but not to bad. The RLS has subsided and I am just very strangely uncomfortable in the early evening for an hour or so. Not just my legs, but all over. You can now see my belly moving which is really weird to Lucas. ( hence the puppy talk) He has also been telling me that he is not the baby, with a pouty look.. Its usually to get part of what ever I have since I often say "its for the baby" when I get a few extra bites 

Our Adventures 

With our new schedules, and the bad weather, we haven't been out and about much. 
Joe's job is  going good, he is getting by on a few short nights of sleep. This probably wont work so well come spring, when the homestead is more demanding, but for now, it will do. 

I am settling into the new shop. There are some adjustments to make,  but I am happy with the decision. I am not really working on building up to much clientele right now, but after I have the baby. Since I don't know when the baby will come, I don't want to have a huge workload that cant be covered. Fortunately, the shop is providing me what I need. 

Jacob picked up a few odd jobs, and Quinten has been helping me bathe dogs a few days. 
Abigail and Isaac each came with me  for a day as well. Abigail had a blast working on bows and such

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  1. The bows and bands are gorgeous. Are they for dogs or people? I think I would wear a band.

    You look fabulous. How far along are you? I can't seem to keep track. The cabin is so cozy. I like it. I am constantly amazed at how you all make it work. I am glad to hear your stove works. Even if it is working over time.

    Love Lucas's comments about puppy in your belly.

  2. Bet you are really glad you have that afghan I made for ya! Stay warm and cozy!


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