October 13, 2013

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 99~ Carving Pumpkins

On the Homestead
We announced some big news on Thursday, check the previous blog post

I havent had much time or energy to blog this week, so here is our week in photos! 

We do not celebrate Halloween in the traditional sense 

( see blog post here)
But carving pumpkins is a part of our "art class"

The little's painted theirs 

 Urijah and Ezra's pumpkins

Olivia's pumpkin

We had a FB contest on this years carved pumpkins

Abigail won with 21 votes

Isaac and Jacob tied for 2nd place with 14 votes 

Quinten placed 3rd with his Christus and 13 votes

Zachary's cookie cutter frog placed 4th with 12 votes

and since we didn't want to waste any pumpkin, we had dessert too!
Quinten made the pie mix and the pie crust on the left, Zachary made his first pie crust on the right side photo. 

Abigail made some treats. She said they were good, grape jelly and hot coco filling. :/
They were cute, so I took her word for it and took a photo

Abigail is also into flower arranging. She loves to grow flowers, paint jars and arrange flowers

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  1. Abigail has a lot of talent! Beautiful floral arrangements and the pumpkin looked great. The others did a fabulous job as well.

  2. Abigail is indeed talented! LOVE the flower arrangements she did! Also loving the pumpkins!

  3. ALL my grandkids are amazing!! Quinten makes the best bread-everything he makes is good! And Abigail has inherited my talent for art-beautiful gifts from Heavenly Father God!


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