September 23, 2013

Meal Plan Monday~ Week 2

We shop a bit differently than most, so our lists are not all inclusive, we just replenish what is needed.
Each week I will post our shopping list and the menu list that follows. I won't post recipe amounts,  I have tried that before and at times was too much work, but if you have a specific question, please ask.. I will be happy to answer. Don't forget to choose the option to receive notifications to pots when you comment.. otherwise you may never know I answered! :)

Our shopping is done on Friday/Saturday's. Sometimes during the week. We also do not shop by week. I try to do a bulk shopping once a month, and fillers on the other weeks. Its a goal. I will work this series as a trial and error till I can figure out a system that works best for posting. I usually buy the same items, or if an item we do not usually buy, but will use is on sale, I will pick it up. I also look for clearance items. I rarely use coupons. I will also include here random non-food grocery items, as I do include that in our budget.

I realized my first mistake with these posts.. We aren't so good at meal planning.. So I will have to post what we did eat, not what we plan to eat.

Our last week's menu, was posted but we changed things up a bit.. For one, we made something we don't usually have.. Quinten made stuffed peppers.. I am not a pepper person, but my family LOVES them. Lucas took a bite of a sweet red pepper and said in his deepest gruff voice "Oooh, spi-say"

So our menu looked a bit like this.. trying to recollect

Our Meal Plan
* snacks are usually cheese and crackers, pretzels, fruit/veggies, or fresh baked goods
*Sundays we fast one meal, the littles usually snack since they do not fast. ( its optional for everyone)
*we do have a small supplement of food from our garden. Its not a lot tho
*meals are subject to change without notice ;)

This weeks menu is brought to you by Quinten, who is now officially in charge of planning and preparing the majority of the family meals.
Sunday        B Omlettes
                    L/D  Taco Salad

Monday       B  Yogurt Banana
                    L  Hummus
                    D Spaghetti w/Garlic Bread

Tuesday       B  Oatmeal w/brown sugar
                    L  PBJ Sandwiches

Wednesday  B  Oatmeal w/pineapple
                    L Ramen Noodles
                    D Sloppy Joes' with homemade Mexican bread.

Thursday      B  Oatmeal
                    L PBJ
                    D Hot Dogs, Corn ( Quinten made homemade buns)

Friday          B  Oatmeal
                    L  PBJ Crackers
                    D Stuffed Peppers and & Fried Okra

Saturday      B French Toast
                    L Grilled Cheese, bologna & veggie  Sandwiches
                    D Chili & Rice

This weeks shopping..  (prices are per item)
We have a local salvage store owned by an Amish family we like to shop.. I wrote a really detailed blog post on salvage store shopping, but the internet black hole swallowed it.
This week we bought

26 Peanut butter .50
24 spaghetti sauce .50
12 BBQ sauce .75
2 Miracle Whip $1.50
1 5# bag frozen chicken patties 9.99
33 granola bars .10
3 juice 1.50
2 lg cans tomato sauce 3.50
18 pkg tortilla shells .25
4 marshmallow .50
2 lg candy bars .75
4 reg candy bars .50
1 box coco krispies 1.75

Save a Lot
3# apples $2.99
8pk cheese crackers .99
3 cup of soup .33
1 box junior mint $1
1 Salt .45
4. cans chkn noodle soup .59
1 8oz vanilla flavor .89
48 cans green beans .49
1 50# bag potatoes $19.95

21 loaves sandwich bread .79
3 bags tortillla chips $1
3 oz sharp cheddar block 1.66
12  yogurt cups .40
3 pkg sliced cheese 1.67
2 1# bag popping corn 1.49
1 3# bag apples $2.49
2 celery stalks $1
3 plums .42
2 pears .46
1/3lb garlic .85 total
1 pkg chips ahoy cookies $2.19
2 Kroger ice cream $2.50
2 1# butter $2.57
1 6.41# oranges $6.35
1 lg pkg reeses cups $1.25
5# bananas 1.93

25# flour $7.98
1 gallon white vinegar $2.38
1 gallon AC vinegar $3.83
1 gallon vegetable oil $6.76
21 lbs apples .97lb
6 jars alfredo sauce $1.38
3 jars jelly $1.50
1 jar dill pickels $2.36
1 roll duct tape $4.77
4 bars Naptha soap .97
1 box Washing soda $3.24
18pk washcloths $4
3  20oz hot coco mix canister $2.48
3 1# box pasta shells $1
5 1# bag small red beans $1.07
3 1# bag lentils $1.12
3 1# bag chick peas $1.48
3 2# bags black beans $3.07
2 1# bags of mayocoba beans $2.38 ( no idea they were that pricey, never had them before, we just grabbed them) 
2 2# containers planters peanuts $5.98

Dollar Tree ( everything was $1)
3 AWESOME buckets
3 toy ball shooters
1 3pk food containers
1 60 ct sandwich bags
1 ct quart zipper bags
1 box bandaids
1 2pk irish spring
2 bars almond soap
1 dish brush
2 14 oz palmolive
2 bottles shampoo
2 bags tootsie rolls
1 bag candy corn taffy ( these are actually really good)
1 bag tootsie pops
1 jar paprika
1 jar crushed red pepper
1 spray bottle
1 travel cup
1 bath sponge
1 2pk playing cards
3 bottles lemon juice
1 bottle peroxide

Total week spending $350.56   Total month spending $489.90      Total year spending (9/8/13) $489.90

*If for some reason you think we aren't eating right, then no worries, just move along. I assure you my family is extremely healthy and our diet sustains my very energetic free range children.


  1. Are you still couponing? I just got a bunch from my Mom. I think I will try doing it again because saving just a little is still a little!

  2. Here's my link for this week! I didn't post a shopping list because it's from the pantry! I'm trying to get into the habit of planning. I posted one like 3 weeks ago and then missed two weeks!


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