April 28, 2014

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 126~ Building an Outdoor Kitchen

On The Homestead
We have had some issues with the goats getting into the food in the rocket stove. They also knock over dishes from the sink.. We attempted to fence them in a few weeks ago. This resulted in a few minor injuries including our male goat who ripped off a horn ( what a bloody mess that was). They do not like being fenced in and I don't necessarily want them to be.  After yet another pot of beans stolen by the goats, Quinten decided to design this.. The gate is on a bungee so it closes on its own and closes tight. The fence is too high for the goats to jump and they haven't really shown interest. So instead of making a goat fence, the children say we made a people fence..He did realize the rocket stove needed to be rebuilt. 

Abigail had some fun taking photos on Sunday, she took some great ones.

This is a great photo of Alma
 Maggie & the hen 

Isaac grabbed the camera Monday night.. 

 He said this was a perfect picture of a chicken


 I love this photo of Abigail 

Sunday night the children were finally able to sleep outside. 
They built a lean to We don't truly celebrate spring until the children get to camp out.

The dogs stayed close. They barked more last night than usual. Jacob said when he wasn't patrolling, Alma slept with them. They built this lean to yesterday

I love how he is sleeping.. 
He is growing so fast.. he is doing great holding his head up.. He LOVES the lights
Nope. no name yet! 

A science project. Filtering water. This is from the pond... It might need to be filtered a few more times!

This was also more time consuming than first let on. This was about 2 hrs later.
( inspiration source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c23BcbnT2ng )

Speaking of the pond, its looking a little funky. We are researching how to correct this.
Aeration and plants.... I would love to make this into a natural pool.

Our Adventures

The family is still coming into work with me. A friend is lending me her breast pump its been shipped so hopefully my family can get their days back.. I am nervous and a bit uneasy about pumping. I much prefer nursing a real baby.

But they have all had fun this week. There are several parks in the area. I was hoping they took more photos but hubby doesn't want to be responsible for any damage my camera may endure..
First photo of all 10 children

Totem pole... Eagle at the top, fish, then a Native American.. this was done with a chainsaw

We cleaned out the van Saturday afternoon.. Deep cleaned.. Its amazing how messy it got this week with all the travelling. Especially when you have 2 in car seats and 3 in booster seats.. Stuff finds its way under them.

While we cleaned I set the baby on a blanket. He loved it.. He was on his back for a while, looking at the sky.... Then I hear some frightening words from a sweet little voice

"Mommy, I gave the baby a chip" 
Abigail about flew out of the van and grabbed the chip.. Lucas and I had a talk about what the baby can and cannot eat. How sweet of him to share, but sharing is not always a good thing! 
After we checked for any and all chips or other objects, we put him on his belly

Additional Photos 

 Little Mama

 Chicken & Rice soup

Playing a game

Signs of spring.... A rainbow one morning as we get ready to head out. 

Trees budding

The sun sets on another week

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  1. I love all the pictures. LOL @ a people fence. Very creative.

  2. So fun to look at your pictures. I love the lean-to and celebrating spring by sleeping outside -- my son, too! What is a blog hop?

  3. I love hearing about your week. So much fun for me. I am constantly amazed how much your kids do outdoors and how much they know about homesteading. Love it.

    Let me know when the pump arrives. It isn't a loaner...you can keep it. I was never really into pumping either, but only did it when I needed to. I, like you, prefer to have baby do it. But, the next best thing is to bottle feed the best stuff. :) The pump has a string on it to put around your neck. This makes it possible to multi task as long as you can do whatever it is with one hand. Still need to hold the bottle up to your breast. :) There were some tasks I could do sitting down with bottle in stand, resting on my leg...then I could do things with two hands. Hah! What momma ever has two hands free?



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