April 29, 2011

Assignment #23

Grow your own food!

This can be done in any environment

Even if you only have a small patio, you can still grow food. For those that don't have a little plot of land, you can look into square foot gardening, and hay bale gardening.

Depending on your area is when you can start. You can start from seeds or you can but them at a local nursery.

This is a great way to learn self reliance and to save some money. If you haven't already grab some seeds and get planting!!


  1. I'm growing a few things from garden boxes and pots, but they all seem to be dying on me. Go figure. But, I keep watching and waiting, and PRAYING!

  2. Working on this! Got one of my 4'x8' square foot garden boxes all planted and working on the others... I'm staggering the planting so I will not be harvesting everything at the same time. :) Moroni decided to help by scattering rock salt over my freshly planted box... hopefully is wasn't enough salt to ruin my soil mix or kill my seeds... I'm hoping we got enough rain to wash it all out. :/


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