November 24, 2013

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 105~ The Wood Stove is IN!!

On The Homestead 
This past week has been a blur for me. I have been so tired. 24 weeks. I think the baby had a growth spurt.  I  feel and look bigger and moving  is getting to that point, the point where I have to maneuver a certain way because of the baby.  More leaning and less sitting straight Another sign was two mornings in a row I had a blood sugar crash. One morning I just laid my head down on my grooming table and the poodle I was working on started pawing at me!  I do not do the glucose testing now, but I have in the past, and hypoglycemia is something I have had to deal with before. I just have to eat even more frequently than I already do, if that's even possible. Restless leg is the other pregnancy issue I have. Both kicked in this week. Lucky me. I am also feeling the baby move. This is a blessing as I had not feel the baby move this late before and it wasn't till about 22 weeks that I felt him/her. I had become worried and Joe and I discussed going in for an ultrasound and the plan of action if, for some reason the baby had passed.. But my hopes and assumptions were correct and the baby is fine. I have an anterior placenta. ( positioned in front) I feel the baby just fine and the little movements have kept me awake at night.. But I am ok with that!! 

Joe and boys got our wood stove set up. And our $550+ chimney! My husband doesn't like me taking photos of him while he is working, but I have decided its too bad for him. Its part of being married to me :o) 
 Lucas was helping Jacob sand the chimney hole.  Quinten was helping with the exterior installation, and I realized I needed to get photos of that part for next weeks blog 

Its so nice to have the wood stove going. It not only cheaper to run and heats the house better, it gives us an excellent option for cooking. While its not a cook stove ( a cook stove would be to powerful for our cabin) we can use it like a crock pot and slow cook foods on top. It gets hot enough to boil water as well 

While the boys were working on the chimney, I was organizing a bit more. Its a challenge right now, as we are still customizing our cabin and need MORE SHELVES! Lots of open shelves in my cabin! In time tho.

Of course, what I usually post are the clear, non blurry, no hands photos I aim to take. 
I said, "Can everyone clear out so I can take some photos"
This is what I end up with. 

The boys have spend the week building up a wood pile for outdoor cooking. Still no rocket stove... Its on my to do list for them tho! And counters, where the big chair is. Hopefully they will both be done for next weeks blog! ( you can see Olivia has hung up her baby clothes to dry) 

So how is off grid life going? Pretty good. We use very little electricity and a few gallons of gas last a week in the generator. Its enough to power the laptop, phones ( we also charge our phones in the van) and a little kitchen appliance if needed (usually my little chopper). Water is my issue right now.. We have yet to figure out the old well or cistern and hauling water is not fun. But its worth it, so I will be patient! 

I had a wonderful pet sitting client over the weekend, and of course Sunday evening I had to go out and drop off the dog and check on the cat, we had tornado warnings. We watched the radar and figured it would go around us, and it did. It split and went around us, but we had some beautiful skies. While we drove, Zachary expressed again his interest in being a "storm chaser".  He loves weather. I tried to get some good photos, but I had too many power lines in my way and I was a lazy photographer doing drive by shooting. 

Additional Photos To Share 

We have been keeping the goats free range, except our billy goat. They stay close and we also have one of the Pyrs who is free range. We have to keep Maggie on a run at times as she tends to wander more. The goats like to hang out with the children

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  1. Eating a banana always seemed to help a bit with my restless legs (and leg cramps) - a potassium thing I guess.

    I love reading your updates!

  2. It all looks so fun! I am happy it's all falling into place. I am also very happy to hear your pregnancy is going well.

  3. It's great to see things coming along (exciting!!) and even better to see the whole family working together :)
    Glad to hear about the little wiggle worm <3 maybe you are in for a calm baby? :D

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