July 24, 2009

Urijah Patrick

I wrote this on February 17, 2008
On Feb 15th I woke up with contractions, mild about 15 min apart.. they continued like that all day until about 7 pm.. the contractions, still 15 min apart,got stronger..at about 11:30 I took a shower and got some rest.. they continued thru the night waking me up a bit..by morning they were a bit stronger, still 15 min apart..I was getting worn out.. sleeping when I could between them..at about 12:30 they got faster and I took a HOT shower..about 1pm they were 5 min apart.. they stayed that way for about an hour and then about 2 really picked up.. 20 or so min later, the part I was waiting for came.. the urge to push.. the cord was wrapped once around the neck, and when one shoulder was out and Joe pushed my skin out of the way and out he came..at 2:35 pm...I quickly cleaned airways and rubbed him.. he let out a good cry and then I wrapped him...I laid down..started to nurse, and close my eyes..

Abigail and Jacob were in the room.. Jacob got very concerned and kept looking at my face and then at the baby..he had the camera and once the baby was out he was snapping away..Abigail eyes were wide and amazed..she was just in awe I guess... Everyone else had been taking a nap. but woke up just as he was born and were in the door way. Isaac was ready to come running in, untill he heard boy....then he took off crying.. he really wanted a girl..He is ok now LOL.. He told me last night we have 5 tough boys and 2 princesses LOL.........Olivia hasnt really seen him.. I showed him to her last night and she was like .. um yeah, what do you want me to do with it.. she poked his face and that was about it.. later on I will sit down with just the two of them..

I feel fine.. typical soreness from the after contractions..Urijah is doing great.. He was 21 in long..his head was 14 1/2 I would guess his weight at about the same as the last two 9 - 9 1/2 #.. He only cried once.. when I had to change his poopy diaper..


  1. I just have to say, I admire you and at the same time think you are crazy! (In a good way) ;) I am too much of a wimp to handle a home birth... I want my epidural! You are Superwoman!!

  2. LOL! How times change! I look at my previous comment here, and then think about just 3 months ago when I was in tears because I was not getting the all natural drug and intervention-free birth that I had been planning. I have to say that you are one of the ones responsible for my paradigm shift over the past 3 years... thanks for your friendship! <3 -April Jo


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