March 03, 2012

The Homestead Journal~ Week 13~Plowing, Park and Isaac's Baptism!

What's New in Our Life
Signs of spring! Our farmer neighbors, dubbed "The Farmer Guys" buy the children, plowed our garden on Sunday. It was a beautiful week and we are seeing buds on the trees. 

Homestead Happenings 

I had a wonderful Sunday at church. The spirit was really strong, and the fellowship was great. It was a beautiful day and the children spend the day outside enjoying the weather. Lucas got to play in the sandbox and Quinten decided to build this. He had been inspired by a few things we saw on Pinterest. He designed and built it himself with recycled materials we had on hand.   
Monday we re-arranged and cleaned our kitchen. The weather was amazing so we cut our school day a bit short and just did the basics, math, vocabulary and grammar.

Tuesday we went to storyhour. We met up with some friends. It was a Seuss theme day. The children make truffula trees and watched the Cat in the Hat. Then we headed over to a Sisters house and did some service work. It was a beautiful day and the boys washed her car. I love getting out to visit! We stopped for a few groceries then headed home. The older children did some writing and math and we all headed outside. Spring fever has a very strong hold on us right now. We spent the evening dancing to some you tube videos and ended it with the older Lorax cartoon.

Wednesday and Thursday we did our basic lessons and some reading. We started a few science projects for next week. We also watched a documentary on ancient Egypt.

Fri we skipped formal lessons. We made lunch for the missionaries and they did an object lesson for Isaac about baptism and conformation. Then we had some amazing storms and spent the afternoon enjoying them


On Our Bookshelf

The Little's Books 

                                                                        The Schooling Books
                                                                       Personal Reading Books

Our family reading time, I am reading
To Kill A Mockingbird, chapters 13

From our Bookshelf
Presidents of the Church, Joseph Smith (I)
Presidents of the Church, John Taylor (J) 

What we are watching
Horse Crazy 
Blue's Clues 
Daniel Boone 
Little House on the Prairie 
Myth Busters 
Man vs Wild 
Storm Chasers 

 Challenges/Accomplishments This Week
We have done some great organizing this week. I hope to keep simplifying,
 I need to find a way to balance housekeeping and homeschooling. 

My Favorite Thing This Week 
Isaac was baptized by his father on Saturday, March 3rd. 

 Link or Photo to share
Nutrition facts for fresh unprocessed foods.

Additional Photos of Our Week
(and a few from last week) 

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  1. ♥ the photographs

    So good to read about your great week may your week ahead be a good one too :)

  2. Love the picture of the boys on the tire swing-you can see the love they have for each other, so sweet.

  3. An accomplished week! When do you get your family reading aloud time in with the kids? I always seem to start a book, but we don't always get back to it! (I'm reading aloud "The Phantom Tollbooth" right now.)

    I also love the photo of boy on the tire swing!

  4. Love the pics!!! Tell everyone hi from Aunt Cathy!

  5. Great photos - love the tire swing ones! Looks like it was a good week. Stopping by from The Homeschool Mother's Journal linky. :)

  6. I enjoyed your post, once again. Your kids always look so happy...the outdoors help. All that running around is good for them.

  7. Great pictures.


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