December 01, 2010

Extreme Budget Makeover... 2011

Are you in?

I have learned to be quite frugal and of course there is room for growth. 2011 is the year to maximize our income/expense ratio. Do you want to join me? 

This wont be easy.. There will probably be tears at one point or another. But if you commit by next Christmas you will be glad you did. The more people we have the more ideas we can use. 

So your first assignment.. Due Jan 1st.. 

Track down every penny you spend from now till Dec 31st. Log it in some way that you can use it.. I save receipts. I use note paper for things you don't get receipts for.. such as vending machines. Saving receipts is a good habit to get into for this project. Keep a log/journal whatever to track 
Ex. $20 on pizza, $60 in gas, $80 at the grocery store, $1 on a soda. $100 on elec bill.. Everything you can. 

here are a few free worksheets you can use 

or you can use these ideas to create your own.. 

We have 31 days till your next assignment.. 

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  1. Oh I SOOO need this! I'm with you, I think interaction here will make it easier to stick with it!


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