February 21, 2011

Assignment #11

The Envelope Budget System

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Dave Ramsey has a great system for budgeting ( click here

Make an envelope for  all your monthly budgets. 

Then write down how much the budget is. If you budget $400 a month on groceries then write that on the envelope. Thats all you are to spend. 

Dave and I both agree its better to be a cash person, but if you must use debit cards use play money in your envelope system. This helps you visually keep track of your money. And you become more conscious of your spending.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this reminder. I'm working on getting our budget under control and I have this whole Dave Ramsey envelope system...going to go and dig it out now and start next payday!! I'm reading through all of these posts on budgeting and you are definitely giving me inspiration!


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