August 06, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 34~ School Room Clean up

Homestead Happenings
Our garden is recovering from the bug infestation. I tell ya, the drought, the bugs, the fungus.. My garden is having it rough. I finally picked my first tomato that we get to eat. 

Getting geared up for our new school year. We school year round, but on a far more lax schedule. Wednesday we deep cleaned our school room and purged some books. We have an overflowing tote full of donations. See my post on our homeschool plans 

Jacob and Ezra are best buddies. He calls him his partner, ( we use the partner system). Jacob is amazing with him. I really enjoy watching my children bond with each other.  

Friday we got some amazing rain. I love the overcast, drizzly, cool day after a week of high temps. That's my kind of summer. Can we do this every week? 

Our Adventures
Scouts was cancelled this week. Their fearless leader had automobile issues. Abigail made a prayer rug in Faith in God, Isaac tagged along and made one as well. Friday Jacob and Quinten were hired to do some odd jobs at a church members house and I had to groom, Joe took the rest of the crew to the library. 

Additional Photos of Our Week

 Quinten built us a sprinkler. 
2 10ft 1/2" pvc pipe $3.36
4 1/2" elbows $.88
1 1/2" tee $.57
1 1/2" hose adapter $3.53
This project cost less than $10 and I like it better than the regular sprinklers. 

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  1. Ditto on the great job! What a creative guy! I think your garden looks good despite the ruckus the bugs and weather have caused. I know you have recently had a lot of rain, so it must be a breath of fresh air for you all. Your school area looks awesome! You did a great job purging and organizing.

  2. Great job on the sprinkler. We have that same drill.


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