June 25, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 28~ Little Blessings

Homestead Happenings
My week was fillled with small blessings, On Monday I dropped my scissors, and Tuesday morning when I walked into work, the sharpener had popped in to sooner than expected. He had told us the week beofre he would be set back, due to his broekn down truck. His appearance was a pleasant surprise. On Tuesday as I was driving home listening to the radio, I was wishing I eitehr had a CD player for the van or the LDS songs on tape. Wednesday at scouts, another member brought in a bunch of cassetttes, wondering if anyone could use them. Friday, the local groom shop I work with, raised their prices, and offered me a larger commission.

Last Sunday we celebrated Fathers Day. We had a great day and Zachary made daddy BBQ chicken for dinner, All of the children make him a special card. He is an amazing father and we are truly blessed to have him.

I can't recall what evening it was but I had called to Jacob and he mosied on over to me.. I yelled "Jacob, run" as he broke into a half sprint. I then challenged him to a race.. I would count down from 20 and back up as he ran to the barn and back.. Once I hit 1 I would count back up and thats how many push ups he had to give me.. So he ran a slow pace to the barn and ended up with 7 push ups. by this time everyone wants a piece of the fun and to see who had the best time.. After eveyone had taken their turn, we were all laughing about it, I look up to see Ezra and his little chubby legs running to the barn... At this point all eyes are on him and the chidlren are counting,, he is just trucking along,, he gets back to the finish line and drops and does a push up.. I was in stitches laughing.. It was the highlight of my week

We have been working in our garden and its looking great. We have more boxes to build and are motivated once again to garden. Zachary found a tomato, squash and watermelong plant next to the compost bin. He and I weeded it and its not his to take care of..

We are still checking on the cows, twice a week or so. They really enjoy our visits. They are so fun to watch.
 Lucas has taken to walking a bit better.. he can now go across the room and even change direction, however, crawling is faster, and less scary, so he takes to his knees alot.

Our Adventures
Wednesday we went to the library. Ezra had a blast and I think he asked 3 or 4 random people to read him a story.. and they did LOL Wednesday evening the 4 olders have their church activities  The boys worked on knot tying and Abigail talked about nutrition.

On Our Bookshelf

The Older's Books
Jacob is reading
Quinten is reading Treasure Island
Isaac is reading a book about Theodore Roosevelt
Abigail is reading the Nancy Drew Series. She is on book 4

The Schooling Books
we have a few ASL books, flag books for flag day and some civics books.

Additional Photos of Our Week

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  1. The game sounds fun! I will have to try it some time. :-)


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