April 21, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 125~ Goofy Children

On the Homestead

The children are making the most of this beautiful weather. Goofing off and having fun!

Dinner Time!
Tacos! This was our dinner tonight. Another variation of our Mexican style dinners. ( If you don't already know, I could live off of beans, cheese and tomatoes)

1 pkg 72ct corn tortillas (.75 at salvage store)
2 8oz bags shredded cheese ( $1.99 each Kroger)
2 can whole corn (.53 Kroger)
1 onion (.20 discount produce Kroger)
2 1# bags pinto beans ($1.19 each Kroger)
5 large tomatoes ($3.45 Kroger)
2 heads lettuce ($1.29 each)

$14.40 Feeds 12 people ( had plenty of leftovers for snacking!)

We cook the beans, slow cooker style. We lightly fry up the tortillas. Cut up the fresh veggies and add the corn, mix in the beans and serve. We do not add seasoning. I like the flavor of the food itself.

 More dinner ideas from the Homestead!

We bought a ham for $11.40
We cooked it in a large pot with 1 large onion chopped and about 12 russet potatoes. ( we got a 50 lb bag for $11) I then took the bones and the broth and put them in another pot. Added 3 cans of carrots. That was for dinner last night.

I added 4lbs of Northern beans to the other pot. Let them slow cook. That was for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow I will use up the rest of the "sauce" to make up some rice and serve with corn on the cob.

One of our spring projects is cleaning up some of the "mess" that is on the property. 
This was a single wide mobile home once upon a time.. I have no idea the history of the property, but there are a few of these here, all in different areas. This is actually the most intact one. The boys have been salvaging scrap wood from here. We will continue to tear it down and keep the usable wood, scrap any metal we cant use and burn or haul the rest.

Not all is wasted.. This is one of the treasures they found inside. Its a lighthouse tea light candle holder. They found several of them. 

some more blooming trees 

My handsome little guy 2 weeks and 4 days old.
Still hasn't told me his name

Lucas LOVES his baby brother.. 

He loves the little lights. He looks for them every night and will stare, that's why he has the focused face.. He also looks out the window in the mornings. He does it every day when he wakes up. He gets upset if I move him around. He is a cluster nurser and goes several hours, usually around 5, sleeping and will make up for it with a 3-4 hour nursing marathon.

We are still discussing a name for him


Our Adventures
We had a nice sunny week. We are tight on gas but hope to be able to take some spring drives here soon. I love exploring the land out here.

I am back to grooming. I was actually hoping to get back to work on the 8th, but things didn't go as planned.. To make a long story short ( and drama free)...... I inquired at a local grooming shop the end of last year to see if they could give me the volume of business I needed to sustain my family. She assured me she did. However, business got slow, and work was limited. In a discussion just after the baby was born, the shop owner made it seem like she was giving my family charity, disregarding the fact that I was actually working for the money I earned and making it seem like I was somehow taking money from her. Considering this and other things we couldn't agree on, it was best that we sever our business relationship. It took a week or so, but I found a new place to groom out of. The challenge is that I have a little nursling I can't bring to work and two obstacles.. I am in need of a breast pump and supplies.. and the fact I have never been successful with pumping. For the time being, the family rides into town with me, stops by work when the baby is hungry.

The upside of this ( you can imagine the downsides!) is that Joe and the children have had fun exploring the local parks! They all enjoy the trips, but it does make for a long day. 

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  1. Ham and beans are one of my favorite dishes from growing up. I love them.

  2. Loooove ham and beans!
    Emory. He looks like and Emory.
    Cynthia in Denver

  3. Why are you working and not joe?

    1. Hello Anonymous. Joe is working part time nights and is taking care of 10 children and running a homestead... I groom the dogs because I love what I do and I can make a fairly decent income doing it. Thanks for asking! :o)


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