March 24, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 121~ Week gone by too fast

On The Homestead
Still no baby but we are getting the few necessary items in order. A lady from church organized a little round up and we got a bassinet for work, a car seat and a Moses basket for home. All very gently used and in good shape. A dear friend sent me a pretty purple wrap and a client brought me some cute little outfits. 

There are certain foods I like that I forget we can make at home.. Coleslaw. Abigail and quinten made this. They even added apples 

Signs of spring! 

The puppy is still with us. She has a potential home but the lady has been sick. Lucas is perfectly ok with that.. He loves animals and this one is just his size! 

Olivia is learning to build a fire. She just repeated what she has seen the boys do, with only a few slight corrections along the way. 

Dad bought Urijah this superman cape. He is now faster than ever and runs everywhere. He can even play cards better with his cape on... or at least he says so. Maybe its the Xray vision 

The older boys have been clearing out the brush. Lots of wood for the rocket stove and a clear area to build animal pens and barns

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  1. What a sweet homestead! Congratulations on the little one! I hope he comes soon.

  2. Great blog! I love seeing your family's adventures!


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