November 03, 2013

The Homestead Journal~ Week 102~ Crazy Weather!

On the Homestead
We have been acclimating to the new home. We have a lot of work ahead but my children are loving it. They have all planned their special projects. 

I will be posting a blog post this coming week addressing the questions we have received  If you have one, post it, I will try to answer all of them. 

We have been working on the heating solution. The weather here has been up and down. Its been as high as 70 during the day and as low as 28 at night, since we have moved. One day was so warm, our house was covered in lady bugs! 

We had originally planned to install a wood stove but the chimney was an expense we couldn't cover at the time. We found a way to get the money, but by the time it came through we had to spend most of it on alternative heating. We tried propane at first but it was far too expensive and not as effective. We are now using a kerosene heater and although its still costly, its more efficient than the propane. 

We also had our first big storm. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the cabin held up. Even with strong winds we didn't feel any drafts or feel the house shake! 

We have been planning a few fall projects, collecting wood for cooking and for the wood stove. We are also building a shelter for the goats. Betty is waddling like any pregnant mom. We are also starting the beds for the garden. Check out the Back to Eden gardening site.

Additional Photos

We decided to go back to scouts this week. We had some church stuff to address as well. 
Before scouts they got in a good game of frisbee. Zachary got to attend his first day of scouts. He turned 8 on Wednesday. I cant believe he is 8 already! 

We had to run to Walmart to get some K1 oil.. ( everything is 25-40 minutes away, perks of living in the boonies!) we usually head south but we decided to head north. Its just a few miles difference, and its a nice change of pace. 
Crossing the river was fun, especially when the littles get excited. 
Its been a few months since we have gone this way and Lucas was not tall enough to see the river. His excitement was the highlight of the trip!

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  2. I think it is wonderful you are following the dream you have had all these years. Congrats.

  3. My question to you is: How do you keep the peace and not bicker with each other living in such small quarters? :) Love reading your posts! <3

  4. I do hope you find a safe and effective way of keeping your family warm this winter. We have had the same weather here. It's been crazy. It really sounds like you have entered into a very fun journey.

  5. You should try to find one of those wood-powered oven/stoves from "long ago". They're so interesting and fun to look at...and fit into your new home. I think they can be a heat source too...but I guess you'd need that chimney. Argh!

    1. We have looked into those. It would actually be to powerful for our tiny home, but we will set out an outdoor wood kitchen. We have a great little wood stove and the pipes to get it out side. The costly part is the insulated chimney. I had no clue they were so pricey! a 2 ft insulated chimney pipe is $60. We have to go about 5 feet. Plus the elbows, the connectors, cap etc..


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