April 06, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 122 & 123~ Welcoming a New Baby

On The Homestead

The last two weeks have been busy. I was grooming what I could before the baby came, and trying to get things in order to welcome the baby. 

Quinten is a great Assistant Groomer
He is putting a stencil on a dog

I am focusing on dog bow sales again. I am also trying out some new clips for little girls

Quinten was upgrading his chicken coop. He doubled the size of it. 
He has done this all on his own, all with recycled wood. The only purchase was the nails and screws. 

The children found this down by the pond

And these.. 
We have tons of frogs... you can hear them in the evenings... I love the sound

and now the boys have added a new commodity to the home stead products..
Frog Legs

They are also working on this shelter. They are itching for the first night they can sleep outside! 
 But we still have some cold nights... and even snow on March 25th! 

And of course, last week started out great. 

Lucas photo bombed Ezra's photo with the baby
He is a bit possessive of his baby brother 

Two Days old, soaking up the rays! 

Our First Outing 5 days old.. 

Ezra turned 4!!!!
I can't believe he is 4 already
He is a shy one... This is how he reacted when we sang to him :) 
He had originally asked for blueberry pie for his birthday, but that am he was adamant he told me cake.. He lucked out because I found this chocolate chip cheesecake at the store for $2. He and I shared the cake, everyone else had pie 

Just a quick snapshot of a sunny day on the homestead
Jacob is on the other side of his green house he is building

Lucas just loves the animals. They are so gentle with him 

The foster pups home fell through, but she seems to be getting along fine here.... I am not keen on the idea of keeping her, but Angel and Lucas may be quite upset with me if we don't.

These two pulled a sheet of the line and made a bed with it.  

I woke up to this one morning..  Lucas couldn't sleep in our bed, so he decided this was the next best spot LOL 

Additional Photos

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  1. Great recap. Love the pictures! The little guy is adorable. The kids are all plugging away so nicely as they make the homestead a success! With all the talent in your family, you will no doubt do well.

  2. Love your pictures!!! Looks like fun :) is that critter that was found a craw fish? I have heard they taste like lobster, tho I haven't personally tasted one, I live in Maine so I get the real deal lol :) I have never tried frog legs but we have friends who catch them every summer and eat them! Heard they taste like chicken! The chicken coop is very creative! We always try to use recycled or free materials as well, so it's not always pretty but functional! Pallets are our best friend :) that and some barn rope haha.

    1. I haven't had crawfish in may years.. I am not fond of things like that. I wont eat the frog legs either... But really, I am primarily a vegetarian. I do eat some meat now, mostly chicken but not very often. I like my veggies :)

  3. Such beautiful (and smart) children! I am curious, when you have a home birth do you have to file for a birth certificate or is it necessary? I loved your blog on the home birth. You're baby didn't get snatched away and stuck with needles and sent off for tests, but was held and had bonding time. It was amazing, natural, and sweet. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

      with a home birth generally the midwife will file the paperwork. With an unassisted home birth that is the parents responsibility. I personally choose not to. I hope to do a blog one day on the topic.. I just haven't had the thoughts laid out in my head

  4. Pretty great week!

    I co-host the Homesteader's Hop, we'd love to have you join us! http://independencefarms.blogspot.com/2014/04/welcome-to-7th-edition-of-come-on-over.html

  5. People stencil their dogs? Wow. So little dignity left for critters :)

    1. strange things people do! LOL Most of the dogs love it. They like the attention.

  6. Amazing pictures! Makes me wish I was there with you guys!


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