March 24, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 16~ Computer Crash

What's New In Our Life
Well for starters our laptop died. Its been an adjustment. I am grateful for my new phone tho, as I can still get online when I need to. The sad part for me is my photos.. Not only did I probably lose the ones I had but I have no way to upload new ones.. I have also found some great apps on my phone for the childrens music and some math sites for Zacharys

Homestead Happenings
I had written down things I wanted to post this week and misplaced my notes so this will be shorter than planned.  We kept pretty busy. We took the plastic off three of the front windows and put up screens.. oh that felt great! The children started prepping the garden. You dont realize how big it is till you are out there raking. We have been having a great time enjoying this weather . 

Our Adventures 
We missed chuurch on Sunday due to a few running fevers. No one was really ill butI wanted to be safe.. We skipped storytime on Tuesday. Wednesday the boys went to scouts back in our old pack.. they are less excited but it is what it is for now.. travelling is getting to be more and more costly. Friday we went to the library and did a little grocery shopping. It was a little nervewracking to see things jump .30-.40 from just two weeks ago. Cost of living is rising and income levels are staying stagnant.    

On Our Bookshelf
I didnt jot down our books this week.. they were the same as last week.

Our family reading time, I am reading
 chapters 19-21

My Favorite Thing This Week
To motivate the children I created checklist for their lessons.. I told them whoever got their list done could get a treat at the store on Friday.. They had a very productive week!

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  1. My laptop died a few years back. It was not cool. But, my husband found a device at Best Buy that the had drive plugs into so you can read from it using another computer. You might look into that.

  2. Sorry, I meant to say hard drive, not had drive. :-)

  3. Oh. ((sigh)) Sorry to hear about the laptop! I know it's you use it for school a lot.

    I'm a little worried about the cost of groceries going up so quickly too! I DEFINITELY can't stay under my budget anymore no matter what I buy with sales and coupons. It's crazy how fast prices are going up!

  4. I enjoy you blog. We are beginning a "scout school" in our homeschool as well. I just wanted to pass along a scout resource. It has merit badge rescource links for each requirement as well as worksheets for the merit badges.

  5. We took the plastic off our windows too, that's when you really know Spring has sprung!

  6. Sorry to hear about your laptop! I would be utterly lost without mine. We don't have cable, so we watch movies and educational programs online via the computer. Hopefully you'll be able to fix it or find a replacement without spending too much $$$

    We're also down to just 2 windows on the back side of the house that need the winter dressings removed (the north side still is a bit too damp and cold yet).

    I love how kids will challenge themselves if they feel it is a 'contest'...great incentive, Mom!

  7. Now I see what you are talking about Nicole. Like I said, no or limited access. About the pics-that's why I always ask you for hard copies! They last longer, and don't just disappear!


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