September 10, 2012

September Skillet Meals ~ Fried Cabbage

I sliced and fried up 2 heads of cabbage in thin slices. I fried it in batches in olive oil. I also friend up 6 shredded carrots and 6 small granny smith apples. Mix and season with black pepper. Serve over crunchy Chow Mein noodles. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how this turned out.

 Estimated meal cost $5 .

 *Note: I am not a talented cook, nor do I really enjoy it. I tend to prepare the same mundane meals. Do I decided for the month of September, I am making a new to me, meal each day. These meals are no cook or stove top meals, they are low cost and healthy. Meals vary and I hope to do some breakfast meals as well. I do not follow recipes well and I usually estimate quantities. The recipes posted are to feed my family of 11, adjust accordingly.. Click here to see the rest of the posts.

1 comment:

  1. Yummy again! Sounds wonderful. I like fried cabbage with rice.


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