May 23, 2011

Zachary's birth story

On October 28th I finished up my day at work and went home as usual. Later that evening I began feeling some pretty good contractions. I slept fairly well that night and woke up will still strong contractions. I called and cancelled my appts for the day. Saturday I had a fairly relaxing day at home. Contractions on and off. We hung out and made sure everything was ready.


Later that evening, 5 or so I guess, the contractions got real strong. (This is me when Joe said "smile" while I was having a contraction) I didn't write down times, and the post I made on his birth has been lost in cyberspace. As I do with all my births, I take advantage of the relief a warm shower provides. When labor got intense I went to my room. This was not only our first unassisted birth, but also the first birth one of my older children attended. Jacob was just under 7 years old. He helped by talking to me, bringing me ice water, cool cloths and even took a few photos. It was just past midnight when Zachary ( who didn't have a name yet) was born.

There was alot of commotion for this birth. It was our first unattended by a midwife. My mother was in attendance. As was my sister and her boyfriend (now husband). My mom was hands on which was helpful and not helpful at the same time. My sister was there for part of the birth, but had to go outside with her boyfriend, who probably shouldn't have been there. He was not prepared to be in the home of a birth. Fortunately these were only small distractions. I will say while this was a wonderful birth, it was the least pleasing for myself. After this birth I only allowed residents of my home at my births.

Zachary Michael Naugler ~ October 30th 2005


  1. Lovely memory to share...thanks.

  2. Well I know Steven shouldn't have been there, but we didn't really have anything to do with him, you decided to go into labor while we were all at the school's Fall Carnival. :P

  3. Although now I feel like I ruined it for you or something....

  4. That is beautiful, Thank you for sharing :) I love the photos too, you and the baby look so content.


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