April 05, 2010

Ezra Douglas Naugler

Ezra Douglas Naugler was born at home  into his fathers arms at 9:35 pm on April 4th 2010, Easter Sunday, under the watchful eye of all 7 of his siblings.

After being 3 days past my edd and having measly contractions for those 3 days I woke up Sunday morning a bit more sore than I had wanted to be. I made the kids Easter Breakfast

Then we got ready to watch General Conference at 12
  This is when I started timing contractions. They were 10-40 min apart. Not very consistent.. I took a nap between sessions and continued timing.

At 6 pm Joe gave me a blessing.At 7pm my water broke.. This has only happened before with Jacob. The rest broke in the final stages. I was agitated because after that the contractions died down and nothing was really happening. At 7:30 the contractions hit me like a brick wall.. 5-6 min apart and coming on strong. I took a quick shower and changed.

At about 8pm I stopped timing. It was one right after another I  got in the tub. Joe and the kids all followed in. Urijah was especially fascinated, but they all were paying close attention.

I stayed in the tub till probably about 9:25 when I went to the bed. I wanted to birth in the tub but it was too tight of quarters for us to do. I layed on the bed and the head crowned.. Jacob took such great photos.. The kids were so excited. With Conference, Easter and Ezra's arrival I couldn't imagine a more spiritually uplifting day.


  1. He's beautiful Nicole! Congratulations!

  2. omg make me cry!! what wonderful pictures and what a BEAUTIFUL baby!! How big do you think he is?? Man Kaelyn is already so much bigger snd SO NOT newborn looking! I miss it already LOL. CONGRATS, he is perfect!

  3. He's perfect! Congrats Nicole and Joe!!

  4. He's so adorable! All that hair! Wish I coulda been there, Nicole. Wow-nine grandbabies now!

  5. Congratulations! What a beautiful Easter gift!

  6. Beautiful photos, Nicole!
    Congratulations! He's gorgeous.

  7. Congratulations on Ezra Douglas!


  8. Congratulations Nicole! he is gorgeous! Welcome to the world Ezra!!

  9. A belated congrats! I love the name Ezra, that is my cousin's name and have never known anyone else with it. He's a cutie, Nicole, and I enjoyed reading your birth story. I bet being in the tub felt good. How were you able to get out though, being that far in labor? I know that's why I had Erik in there... They told me I wouldn't be able to get out, which I know if I had tried I wouldn't have been able to... I don't think I could have closed me legs enough to stand myself up...

  10. a year later and this birth story still makes me tear up... I wish I had made different decisions ... I wish I could have more children and bring them into the world in the way in which you have chosen to... what a peaceful loving way to be born... surrounded by all that love you. ;)

  11. Time does have a way of flying faster the older we get! I wish I could do alot over again, too. And if wishes were horses, we all qould ride! Love to Ezra!!


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