August 31, 2013

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 81 and 82, 83, 84, 85, 86.... ok, lets catch up to week 93!

So, blogging from a phone is not as easy as it seems. My biggest issue was if my phone rang, I would lose what ever I typed, and the format would not let me type else where and copy and paste. 

I started this post back in June.. Some updates, for one, we have baby kittens. Spoiled baby kitties as you can see. These photos were from early June. They are bigger now. We tried to find them homes, but we had no luck. 

This is the daddy cat comfort nursing the baby girl.

Our garden is coming along. We had a pest on our broccoli but our biggest "pest" are the Houdini goats who keep escaping to come nibble

Those photos were also from early June, this is our first harvest

And some more recent photos...

I bought a new used camera. A Nikon EOS 50D. I was blessed by a very kind person with an amazing deal. I have given the children my old camera. So plan on some major photo overload in the near future.

 Jacob has taken a few photo tips from me, he took this photo of the barn while I was driving ;)
Zachary took this photo of me. 
 Urijah was taste testing the food.. looks like he approves! 

                                           Left is iPhone right is Nikon

We took a trip to Missouri a few weeks back. We had gone to investigate some opportunities,  but the findings were disappointing. However, we had a wonderful trip. My family are definitely gypsies. My husband loves to drive, I love to ride and take photographs, and my children love to travel. We drove through St Louis on the way in and on the way back out... some shots from the van, I am still learning how to use this camera. Its been years since I have used a SLR.

Lucas giving the photography thing a try. I snuck up on him 

 Lucas is a daredevil, with a hint of caution... 

  5 lined skink 

I have more photos of our summer activities on our FB page, most of them are taken from my iphone. 

I hope to do more blogging and catching up with some side projects now that we have replaced out laptop. We found a really good deal. We weighed the options but we really needed a computer, especially for the older children for their studies. Look for some posts from them as well. 


  1. I haven't been doing a lot of blogging this month either. Simply to energy! But I'll be getting back at it when school starts up again next week! Great photos! Looks like you're loving that new camera!

  2. Wonderful pictures - I always enjoy them. You all are doing quite well. Your garden looks great too.


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