October 05, 2013

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 98~ I Am Tired!

Our Adventures
We haven't been out much this week. We did run errands Saturday morning! (yeah!) We stopped by a promotional booth at Walmart and she said when she was done with her promo, we could have it.. so lucky us... the base is cardboard, but the top is a hard plastic as is the goals. We have to foam footballs and of course, infinity paper ones ;)
Let the games begin! 

It was also down pouring that day, and as usual, the children took advantage of the temporary splash pad

On the Homestead
 Last week I mentioned we butchered one of the goats, the owner did the work, along with his father and my husband. The children observed. They also asked to take home the head and the hide. They spent Sunday practicing on how to salt and tan hides.  It didn't work out, but at least they are learning.

We haven't done much else. We have been trying to purge and organize a bit better. The house seems get out of order a little to quickly, while I understand we have many people, the layout and system is key. And we don't have one that works right now, but I do have something up my sleeve.

We bought Quinten a used mower. He has done well fixing and maintaining the one we have,  but we certainly needed a second one. Quinten loves doing the mowing, and he is looking for a few mowing jobs.

I am doing great, I am hoping to do some individual updates soon, I think starting next week I will do a quick bit about each child every week. As for me, I am 17 weeks pregnant this week. I think I felt the baby move twice on Saturday, but I am not sure. Its almost odd and amusing to me that I am 37 and carrying my 10th child.. I am a bit more tired than normal, but other than that I feel great.  So far the pregnancy has been just as perfect as the others at this point. 

Challenges and Accomplishments
The month didn't start off well. Tuesday we said goodbye to an old friend. I have been dreading that day, knowing it would come. Our 12 year old Great Pyrenees passed away.

We adopted Taylor 12 years ago last month. She was 6 months old when we got her and has been an important part of our family. She has been with us through many moves, has been there as we welcomed 7 new children. Always watching over them keeping them safe and allowing them to climb all over her. She loved to play a game we called Polar Bear with me in her younger years. She would put her front paws on my shoulders and I would rub her sides and wrestle a little with her.

She was a wonderful dog. A beautiful breed of dog mixed with a wonderful personality. I remember the day Jacob picked her out at the pound. We were just volunteering, not looking for a dog, but they were a perfect pair. He broke the rules, walked off and went into her kennel. When I found them they were both playing, having a blast. A 2 year old boy and a 6 month old pyr. She has been part of our family every since

We will miss her immensely.

Additional Photos

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  1. It is so hard to lose a loved pet. I still remember the death of our dog, Cassie. She was so sick we had to put her down. We watched her slip away, but I was glad she wasn't suffering anymore. I think she had cancer, but no way of knowing for sure. We buried her in the woods in Lithuania. It's funny how we think we are strong enough to handle the loss of a dog, but then when I see the life leave them - it devastates me.


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