November 17, 2013

The Homestead Journal~ Week 104~ Some Organizing And A Belly Pic

On The Homestead 
There are two aspects to getting a new house and homestead up and running. One is the willingness/ability to do the work, the other is obtaining the funding for it. We have plenty of the former, we lack the latter. It doesn't help when you work a commission based job and work is slow. But even on slow weeks we manage to scrape by, even if we have to delay projects. 

This week we didn't get much done other than some clean up. We are finding some useful objects, and making a scrap pile and a burn pile for stuff that can be burned down. We even found some useful stuff off the property. We grabbed this shelf at the recycle bin near work. It is a perfect temporary fix and will be easier than the big plastic storage shelves we had been using. In the end the pantry shelf will be twice as deep and twice as long. I want to from door to window. 

We also got the ladders to the lofts built. I got a before photo, I will get more inside photos  for the blog next week. You can see our table in the back ground. The legs need to be put on it. 

We post our weekly menu on Mondays, here is a sneak peek of our meals from this past week. I love omelettes! 

We had our first guests over on Monday. Joe made a huge pot of chili, our friends brought some corn bread. 

I have also been working on trying to find an organization system that works. I actually have one in my head, but being short on materials we have to improvise. I love shelves and baskets to organize. I just need to get them installed. 

We bought the components to put the wood stove chimney in this week. The next big project is to put some flooring and insulate and put up walls.  We have decided to go with vinyl for now.  We plan to spend about $50 each week to put up the insulation and paneling until its complete. 

The weather has been crazy. Tuesday we woke up with a light snow. Our temps have been up and down. I think the high this week was 70° and the low was 22°. 

Joe dropped me off at work several days this week, and he and the children headed down to the hike trail by the river. The children love it out there. The city is putting up a holiday display. I say holiday display because it seems to have everything BUT a baby Jesus. 

Additional Photos To Share 

Ezra asked me to take his picture.  He is always asking me to take his picture 

The Homestead Husband took some pics of me yesterday. This was the one I thought came out best. 23 weeks, 3 days. 

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  1. I like the shelf. Great find! I love hearing how you scrape by yet you make it each week. You are wise with your money. That is great. I look forward to more.

    I hear you on the "holiday display" thing. I was very disappointed to find after all my searching last year, there weren't any live nativities to take my children to. Sickening, but such a sign of the times. Christ is no longer the focus of living - it's self.

  2. You've got time! Looks like things are moving along!


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