October 28, 2012

The Homestead Journal~ Week 46~ Photo Overload

Homestead Happenings
This is a photo of the backside of our home. The barns are used by the farmers down the road. 

Our family has a few traditions that we do regularly. Four nights a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sun) we have special nights. We have a rotating schedule and each child gets their own night to stay up, watch a little tv or play a game with us and have a treat. Each round we have a theme for a treat, it may be the little frozen pizza's, movie theater candy, some brats(wurst), etc.. In addition to their special nights, every Friday night we have Family Fun Night. We all camp out in the living room and have snacks and watch movies. This is followed by Sleep in Saturday, where we either make pancakes or omelettes. Saturday nights are our "date" night as the children go to bed for church in the am. My husband and I usually play cards or swap foot massages while we watch our regular tv shows.,

Quinten has been trying his hand in the kitchen. he made some amazing salsa. The first time he used the habanero's he grew so he made a batch I can actually eat. I swear he is going to marry a Latino girl when he gets back from his mission. 

Our Adventures
Tuesday we headed out to the park by the lake 

Wednesday after our weekly library trip,  the boys had their young men's activity (smore's haunted trail and some games)  and the younger children had an ice cream pizza party at church. 
making tin lanterns at the library

Saturday, we had our Trunk or Treat at the church. We decided to dress up. The children had fun, but I was hoping for more fall carnival and less Halloween. I thought I would be able to compromise, but I was just confirmed in my decisions. The children made their own costumes 
 Urijah the burgler ( who had to pee lol!)
 Isaac as Robin Hood 
 Quinten as the Invisible Man
 Joe as the Goofy Daddy
 Zachary as the Frog
 Abigail as a bag of gumballs
 A guest spot by our darling friend Pocahontas! 
 Jacob using any excuse to dress as "Elder Naugler"
 Olivia the "mom" ( notice the hair LOL) 
Ezra decided to sit for his photo, He didn't want his face painted, so Jacob told him he was wiping it off.. By the time I caught him for photos, he had already had dinner 

I had decide if I was going, I was going to make it fun

My costume got several puzzled looks, a few dirty ones and a couple of high fives. 

Its called "Political Zombie... repeatedly playing the two party system expecting different results"
My point was that it really doesn't matter who you vote for, the two candidates are the same

On Our Bookshelf
We borrow a lot of books from the library. The children pick out their own books, and I grab some that I feel they need for school. This is a somewhat partial but nearly complete list

The Little's Books 
The little's have been put on restriction for having two more library books lost or destroyed. They tend to leave them in the yard. They each got two books, Olivia got a Christmas book, a

The Older's Books

Jacob is reading Road to Serfdom. It has been on his list but he didn't want to read it.. He has agreed to at least read the first chapter.
Quinten is reading a book on Science and Technology in the Middle ages
Abigail is up to book 47 in the Nancy Drew series 
Zachary Scooby Do chapter book, Kidnapped, Treasure Island, 

The Schooling Book
Crafts for Kids who are wild about insects
Every day life in Bible Times 
Fantastic Fossils
Fun with Nature
Groovy Gems
How does a bone become a Fossil
Incredible bugs 
Math and Logic games
Mighty Minerals
Outragous Ores
Rockin Rocks
1,000 Facts on Bugs
Drawing creepy crawlies
Incredible Grasshoppers
Strange Spiders 

Mom's Books 
Liberty Defined: 50 Essential issues that effect our freedom
The Backyard Homestead 

What We Are Watching 

Netflix Streaming 
Curious George (family)
Man vs Wild (family)
How its Made (family)
Jimmy Neutron (Isaac)

Hulu Free*
Parenthood (mom)
Bones (mom)
Alf (family) 
Green Acres (family) 

You Tube etc
How the States Got Their Shape (school) 

Abigail and Isaac have been using Book Adventure to quiz on the books they read. Check it out! 

Link/Quote/Photo to share
Isaac's new video on Fall

Additional Photos of Our Week 

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  1. Clever costumes and great pictures. I love the one of Urijah. He looks so cute trying to hold it.

    The view of your house is lovely.


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