December 22, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 54~ Surprise!!

Homestead Happenings
  It has been one intense week. As I wrote last week our van broke down. The van got a new transmission for Christmas thanks to the generosity of a wonderful saint.

The week was long for me. I was blessed to borrow a friends truck for the beginning of the week. Tuesday evening I stayed with a friend, so I could get to work a little easier. I really missed my family, especially the little one who nurses!! I was pretty tender come Wednesday evening. I really enjoyed getting to know my friend a little better. We stayed up talking till 11 pm which is late for me since I have been on an 8 pm bed time schedule lately. The van was ready Wednesday evening so I rushed home and grabbed the family to run and get some groceries and get them out of the house. We bought s'mores ice cream and some cones and had a treat on the way home. Thursday was back to work. Friday I was off, as we had an appointment to see a house.

And the good news is....... The homestead is moving!! The Lord has answered the prayers of not one, but two families.... And we'll maybe a few others who were praying for us!! The owners of the home were praying for a family to take over their home, an we were praying for a new home. It's been vacant and a little neglected by the previous renters. They are looking for someone to just take over payments, but we also have  a rental option. The home is a large modular home on 23 acres. There is a spot in the back where we can build our Little Homestead Cabin that we have dreamed of. We have a natural spring that has never run dry that anyone has known of and it has tested perfect for drinking. Lots of answered prayers! 

For those that have been following my issues with my church, I will not delve into too many details today.  I will say that I still feel that what has been done is unfair, and I hope to have the issue reconciled and not swept under the rug, just because we have moved. I feel that while I may be a bit bold in my outspokenness, it does not give my priesthood leaders the authority to punish me based on a difference in political opinions, nor should it prevent me from speaking out when I see things that contradict the gospel teachings. 

There is another part of my week I think that weighed on me extra hard and I didn't realize it at first. I was still trying to reconcile the issues with my church family, trying to balance work and an out of commission vehicle, a pending move and many dead ends, and the other everyday busyness of life. I was just feeling this overwhelming feeling of sadness, an emptiness I could not identify. When I had a chance to sit and have some quiet time, it came to me. It was a sense of urgency I have, but so much more intense. This past Tuesday my first born turned 14. This also meant that our first angel baby would be 18. Jacob was born 4 years to the day that our first baby, who we miscarried at 9 weeks, was due. I usually don't experience such sadness in remembering our loss, maybe the overwhelming sense of urgency in getting Jacob the opportunity to experience the things I had hoped for him such as raising animals and working a family homestead. I think I realized how soon Jacob will be an adult and it all hit me. I find it very interesting that is was that very day we finally got the opportunity we had been praying for. 

I am very grateful for the love and support from our family and friends.

Our Adventures 
This was a really neat marker we passed on our way home. Its the 3 corners of KY. 

Saturday I was blessed to borrow a friends grooming shop to give our Big Dopey Dog a bath and to groom my friends poodles. Jacob bathed Taylor, although I was disappointed in  his work. I know I trained him better than that. I also realized how old she is getting, loose hips and all. Our big family dog is going to be 12 this spring. I also enjoyed grooming my friends poodles. People often ask what my favorite dog to groom is, they also ask my least favorite, my answer is the same.... Standard Poodle. I LOVE to do beautiful scissor cuts on them, I just really don't want to brush them out LOL. One day I will have a Standard Poodle of my own! 
 Additional Photos to Share
 This is the house. It needs a little work but is still in great shape and will be a perfect place while we build our house. I do wish there were some older trees, there are quite a bit as you can see in the back ground.
Our view across the street
This is the layout of the property (think black line I drew). There is a hay pasture in the top left corner of the photo, and a fence that splits the property in half. There is also a small animal enclosure in the  bottom left corner, perfect for a small  horse or some goats or sheep. There is a large garden area near the garage, and a huge grapevine!! So much more potential. I think my trees look like the American Continents LOL

The room I am in has the fireplace and where the wood stove will go. We will put a wood stove in on the other end, at a later time, for now, we will use electric back up if needed. There is a laundry room on that end as well. Great for mudroom type area as well. This will be our family room
 large open kitchen area

 master bed and bath. HUGE closet for all of our laundry/storage
 This will be the office/library off of the master. It has a huge front window I will make a reading nook
or two in there as well.
 out into the rest of the house. There are three bedrooms and a bath down the hall.
 This is the "second living room" but I will make it an extension of our dining room for now and have several tables and eventually more shelves and seating.
 Dining area.

 view from the bedrooms, the boys have decided to continue to share a room so we will make
the extra room a play room for the little's or a scout/craft room.
 view off the back porch. The roof is fine, its fairly new, they had used extra to close in the back porch, so
its hanging from the side, not the roof. Lots to clean  up!

This is our homestead crew! Trying to keep them still for a few moments!

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  1. Love the new place! It sounds like a wonderful place, just what y'all were looking for , what with the land for gardening too. I am happy for you guys!
    Man, those kids sure are growing fast!

  2. Yay!!! So happy for your family. I know this is an answer to many prayers. The new place is lovely, all the land is fantastic. Hopefully this year your gardens will work out well. The water on the property is great too, I am sure the kids will enjoy that.

    Thank you for also sharing the story of your first child. We also lost our first baby and I think that many people don't realize that that loss stays with us. For us it will be 18 years this February and I still feel like someone is missing.

    Once again we are so happy for you all and wish you well on your new journey.

  3. I am so totally jealous of your kitchen!! I think Thanksgiving should be at YOUR house next year, just because your kitchen kicks my kitchen's behind! I have also been praying for you in everything that is going on, and I am glad that the answer to those prayers wasn't way out in Missouri or somewhere else... ((hugs))

  4. The house looks great! Seriously. I thought you said it was a bit run down. :) It doesn't look it. The land is huge. What a blessing!

    1. I forgot to say, we have four "Angel Babies". Thanks for sharing the story of yours. :)


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