July 06, 2012

Who says large families cant be green: Re-usable wipes for the family

I have been using cloth diapers for years, and on occasion, cloth wipes. A few months ago, I went to full time cloth wipes for the family.

My husband was against it so I had paper for him, and for company. He eventually started using them and loves them. They really are softer.

It was an easy transition, the biggest challenge was getting them not to flush them.. We had already started the routine of not flushing paper, so it was easier to keep up, but we still had a few of them get flushed :/

I have seen many great variations of styles, and materials. I personally prefer old Tshirts and cotton material from the fabric store.

I cut mine into 3x3ish squares and I do not sew. (one reason I prefer the tshirts)..  I store them in a little basket on the back of the toilet.

I cut the edges off the tee and then cut into squares. It took less than 5 min to do this and thats with stopping to take pictures.

We just toss into a bucket and launder as normal.


  1. I would imagine it would take a bit to remember not to flush them.

  2. Are you serious???? Not to be graphic..but if you have a BM you just put it in a bucket and wash? All the fecal matter just in the washer????? I see they are not white so I don't imagine you bleach them?

    Doesn't the bathroom smell with that many people having to store the wipes in a bucket?Maybe I am not getting it.

    When I saw this blog through Circle of Moms I wanted to chck it out. I often think of cloth diapering. We use 7th Generation and we figure the water we are saving and detergent etc....offsets costs and eco friendliness....or so many articles I have read convince me.

    I thought you meant just for babies.....but the bathroom???

    I have bathroom issues and I can't imagine. I think I would give up texting before TP..lol

    who knew???


  3. Liz, thank you for your questions. Nope, generally doesnt stink. Its not any different than using disposable wipes you toss in a waste basket. We wash every day, or every other. With the proper soap and wash cycle, it gets them clean.. we hang in sun to dry. In reality, adult poo is not different than baby poo, its just psycological.

    I will say the cost of water is nominal. Its so small, I wouldnt be able to even track it.. to guess, it would be generous to say maybe $2 a month extra water.

    but its not just about cost.. its comfort, and resourcefulness. I suggest trying them for wets.


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