January 18, 2011

Cloth Diapering

I first used cloth in 1998 when Jacob was born. I used the Gerber prefolds and their rubber pants. I did that thru all my kids untill Olivia was born in 2007. By the time she was born I had worn thru all of what we had. I did not have a budget for more. For baby gifts we were given several large packages of sposies ( disposable diapers). I kept saying I would go back to cloth, but never did. We went on and had another child who wore sposies. When I found out  I was expecting again I was adamant about going cloth again. When Ezra  was born (2010) I had about 30 Gerber prefolds. I had 2 used Baby Softwrap Covers and I bought 3 Thirsties Size 1 covers. My 9 mos old is just now growing out of these. Since then I bought one size 2 Thristies cover and plan to buy more here soon to replace the size ones. Some of the Gerber prefolds have worn out on the edges and I use them for added protection at night. I am also using some other brands of prefolds.

Thirsties Diaper Cover Click to see site

I prefer  snaps over velcro. They seem to hold better. You can look online for used ones. I have also contemplated sewing some. But then I realize due to lack of skills, Its easier to buy them :) 

Baby Soft Wraps Cover Click to see site 

There are several types of covers, inserts etc. I prefer this system. Its very easy and cost effective. I have some friends who spend hundred of dollars in cloth diaper. While they do have a good resale value of you keep them clean, the initial investment isn't right for this frugal mama :) 

Cleaning isn't hard at all. If I need to I do a quick "swish out" in the toilet. Other wise I launder as normal. Do not use bleach. My thinking is, if you cant handle poop, you might want to reconsider the whole kid thing.. Its only gonna get worse from here! LOL 

So how do you put one of these things on?

You will need a baby, diaper, cover

fold diaper into thirds and place over cover matching the ends

place under baby and fold extra diaper over

bring cover over diaper

snap into place

and you have a diapered baby.! 

1/19/2012 update: Diaper covers I am currently using. Thirsties, Econbum, Flips. The Flips are by far the better quality.
I have 5 diaper covers, and about 20 prefolds for each of my two children in diapers.

Here is a video 


  1. Awesome and informative post, thank you!

  2. thank you so much for the info. video was great, and i love your blog site. i have a blog but i didnt know you could post pics and things and make it personal. you will have to make tip list and video on how to do that since im so stupid at the computer! lol


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