August 12, 2012

The Homestead Journal~ Week 35 ~Seminary

Homestead Happenings
We had a potluck for a friend on Sunday. I made a new dish, I fried up some zucchini and then put sliced tomatoes and Parmesan cheese and broiled for a few min. I made two 8" round dishes of it and there was only a few bites left! My family said they loved it. Next time I will add grilled mushrooms as well. 

Jacob started seminary this week. Seminary is a program our church has for High School students. They meet at the church for 45 min each day before school begins. This year they are studying the New Testament. Tuesday was his first day, he came home with a giant candy bar for having done the most summer reading. Wednesday he passed off his first scripture mastery. He completed two this week. His goal is to be the first one to pass off all 25 of them. 

We have been working in getting the yard under control. Sadly, our garden won't grow, but we have weeds taller than most of my children. I hope to have a few more raised beds soon. Planning our fall garden out, praying for a better crop than our spring garden gave us. 

Our Adventures
With the high temps and even higher gas prices, our adventures have been limited. This week we went for a little drive, stopped in to see a friend and did a little shopping.

Thursday we went and helped several friends move. We finished up one on Friday. She is leaving the state. We are really going to miss her. 

On Our Bookshelf
The Little's Books 
Zachary is reading the Junie B Jones books. 

The Older's Books
Jacob is reading On the Far Side of the Mountain
Abigail is reading Nancy Drew Series
Isaac is reading Hardy Boys Series

The Schooling Books
The Ancient Egyptian World
The Ancient  Greek World 
The Ancient Roman World  
Everyday life in Bible Times
Sign Language for Kids
Drawing Creepy Crawlies
Incredible Bugs
Question and Answer Encyclopedia: The USA

Mom's Books 

Daddy's Books 

Additional Photos of Our Week
This was our first morning ride to seminary. 
This is a favorite past time here. Ezra will find someone, anyone to take him for rides.
 Today they used the bucket. Sometimes they just tie a pillow on the bottom to sit on 

Wednesday morning sunrise. Photo taken by Isaac! 

 This is a photo I missed from last week. Olivia took this one
I love this. He was up all night with a fever, and he cuddled up with his sling and took a nap.
He loves his sling :) 

 Celebrating National S'mores Day! 

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  1. I love all the pictures. Your children are growing right up.

    Sorry to hear about your garden. Hopfully the Fall brings good things.

  2. OK, so which on is reading upside down and between legs? LOL To be that flexible!

    Sorry about the garden! It can take some time and energy to work on improving soil. Do you compost? It might be something to well as getting some manure from a farm if possible. We're going to add some top soil to the LOADS of compost we got this year as well as mulched leaves and grass in the fall and some CHICKEN FERTILIZER and Epsom Salt and then let it all winter over.

  3. Gotta love smores...I look at the stuff for smores each time I'm at the store, but don't buy it. I hope your fall garden brings more for you. I look forward to seeing what happens with it.

  4. Abigail is upside down LOL

    Our SFG's we used soil from the cow pastures under the tree.. I cant think of what to do to make it better than that?!

  5. I love all the pictures! So sorry to hear about your garden...I do hope the fall garden is more productive for you.
    You have a great list of books! Thanks for sharing with Favorite Resources :)


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