March 07, 2012

Managing the Laundry

Welcome, again, to my home. Today I will walk you through how I tackle the "Laundry Monster". Managing a home is an ever changing process. I hope you can use some of my ideas in your home.

We have used the traditional dressers and closets, we have done variations of the "family closet". I have contemplated living in a nudist colony... and often times, my toddlers make me feel like we already do.. 

Currently we have this super simple system. I got several storage totes in various colors. It works out to about one tote worth of clothes per person. Each child is allowed 5-7 outfits and 1-2 and Sunday clothes and 4 sets of pajamas out of storage. The storage totes are sorted, green are pants, red shirts, pink girls, orange are pajamas one for tops, one for bottoms, etc.. 

Each child is assigned a basket. Clothes come out of the wash and directly into their basket. As you see, I do not even require folding, but often they will neaten up their own basket, some prefer to roll their clothing.

The bottom baskets ( boxes) are for socks and undies. The blue create is for our clothing that is to be taken upstairs. 

 In my closet I hang my husbands dress clothing, all my outfits, all the children's Sunday clothing and Scout uniforms.

The shoe pockets are used to store my pajamas' socks and other items of clothing. I like to tight roll my clothes. Again, simplify, I have 4 pairs of Pj's....

The bottom pockets contain outfits for the baby, also tight rolled. I also have a pocket for socks and one for undershirts.

My husband also has a basket we keep in our room. We fold blankets and sheets and put them on a shelf in the closet, kitchen towels also have their own laundry basket as does our cloth diapers..

Our laundry system flows like this.. clothing goes into the dirty, we don't sort unless something is new, and may bleed. Once its dry they go back to where they belong.. I do one load of clothing a day and one load of blankets/towels about every other day.

Laundry is a very simple chore here. The biggest factor, I feel is the limited outfits.

So how does your laundry run? If you blog it, I'd love to see your posts, come back and share your link! 


  1. It does sound quite simple. I would imagine the tall kids use the top shelf baskets? Or, they might be really good basketball players. :-)


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