September 29, 2012

The Homestead Journal~ Week 42~ The Fort

What We Are Learning About 
The children have been occupied with building a fort this week. 

Our Adventures
Wednesday took a drive and went out to a friends house for dinner. The weather has been beautiful. 

On Our Bookshelf
We borrow alot of books from the library. The children pick out their own books, and I grab some that I feel they need for school. This is a somewhat partial but nearly complete list

The Little's Books 

The Older's Books
Jacob is reading Road to Serfdom for economics, the New Testament for seminary and 
Quinten is reading The Egyptian Box 
Abigail read several Nancy Drew books
Isaac is read The Indian in the Cupboard 
Zachary is reading books from the Magic Tree House series 

The Schooling Books

Everyday life in Bible Times
Illustrated dictionary of Bible life & times
The Israelites / by the editors of Time-Life Books.
Sign Language for Kids
Drawing Creepy Crawlies
Incredible Bugs

Several books on types of animals and bugs 
A book on making paper airplanes and paper birds and oragami 

Mom's Books 
Liberty Defined: 50 Essential issues that effect our freedom

What We Are Watching 
Lord of the Rings 1 & 2   ★★★★
Highway to Heaven  Season 1 ★★★

Abigail and Isaac have been using Book Adventure to quiz on the books they read. Check it out! 

Challenges/Accomplishments This Week
This week has been all over the place. Tuesday I had a working interview that I had to turn down. The biggest reason it was almost a 50% pay decrease. We still have a few other options in the works. 

I plan to do some budgeting posts next month, but I want to start with this. Shopping at the right places can really save some money. All the products on the table cost a total of $55, except the baby, he was free :o) This was all without coupons. Look for more posts in October to stretch your food budget! 

Additional Photos of Our Week

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  1. That toad is ugly...Sorry, don't mean to offend the reptile lovers. My son caught one today, it was small, but I am sure he was thrilled none the less. He looked at it for a bit, then tossed it to the tree where he found it. I got upset with him and told him we are to treat all God's creatures with respect. He surprised me when he threw it. He assured me it didn't hurt it. I said perhaps we should toss him body length for body length the way he just tossed the toad. I don't think he liked that idea very much.

    Where did you do your produce shopping. IT looks great.

  2. I LOVE your photos and gee your kids are beautiful. Good bargains with the shopping, well done!!



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