January 19, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 112 ~ Looks Like Winter

On The Homestead

Its been a hard week. Its been one thing after another. 
Started off with an exciting lesson in fire safety and first aid. Quinten made a grave mistake, and used gas to start his fire. He caught his jacket on fire. I was inside and hear screaming, panicked screaming. Every mom knows that feeling.. I run out the door and off the porch(it's 3ft high) and run to the spot he is rolling on the ground to put the fire out. I make sure his coat is out. I stand up, covered in mud and pee. Yep, that's what happens when you are 31 weeks pregnant attempting such physical feats!

 Jacob applied first aid to Quinten's fingers. I am grateful it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I am also grateful for children who while they don't have enough sense to not use gas to start a fire,  they have enough sense to act properly after the fact. My heart was racing for hours. Quinten is healing wonderfully, and hopefully has learned a valuable lesson. 

These photos are the day of, day 3 and day 7. He also had a small burn on his side, that healed much better than his fingers. 

In addition to that excitement on Sunday, we had some wood delivered. I sent Jacob down to the front of the property to meet the guy. He dumped the wood and Jacob paid him. We notice it looked a little small, but we didn't realize how small till the next day when we stacked it.

See, a rick of wood would be almost as tall as my son here. This is clearly 1/2 of a rick. 
I called him and let him know. He apologized and said he would bring more out. This is what he dropped off. Still short. I didn't bother calling back. He also left us a deep tire groove in our driveway. No biggie for a big truck, but while our van is big, she is a bit of a low rider... 
Strike 2 for my week, and its only Tuesday. 

It didn't help when I got stuck in the mud leaving for work Wednesday. I leave just before the sun comes up and its dark and I had to back up. The guy who delivered the wood, left a huge tire track groove in the driveway, the mud was thick, and I was trying to avoid the little pine tree.
Well, I slid, and got stuck. Tires spinning, mud flying.. I tried to go forward, with no luck. Got out to see what groove was preventing me from moving... That's when I saw this...

I didnt realize I had slid the side step of the van on to a tree stump. I wasn't going anywhere.. Joe and 5 of the children tried pushing me off. We ended up having to remove it. Now I forget and take a bigger step out of the van than I am use to! I need to replace it or I wont be able to get in next month! 

We had a snowstorm this week. Friday morning we woke up to  2-3" of snow on our homestead. I was glad to have some snow, even if just a little. If I have to suffer in the cold I at least want it to look pretty!!

This is the weather rock the children built. 

If its wet its raining, if it has a shadow its sunny, 
If its white its snowing, if its moving its windy
If its not visible, its foggy,
If its gone, there is a tornado. 

 Angel loves to be out with the children, but not for long. She found her usual spot by the wood stove. She usually nods of and begins swaying.....

Isaac worked on his art this week. He is getting pretty good at it. 

Our Adventures

A few of the dogs I groomed this week. For more photos check out my grooming blog

We didn't venture out much this week. Saturday we ran a few errands, the boys did a tire rotation for a friend. They used the money they earned to treat the family to pizza. I cant wait for warmer weather. 
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  1. Wow, Nicole! Very few weeks in our lives will go down as totally and completely unforgettable, because the scars remain. My brother has scarred fingers from a youthful mistake, and we are glad he and Quinten are still with us. My brother managed to grow into a sensible, contributing adult, and so will he. Be careful getting in and out of that van until it's fixed. You have a precious burden, besides being precious yourself.

  2. So sorry to hear about Quinten's hand. Poor thing. Isaac's art is amazing! He is so talented.

  3. If you're interested you can use 1Tbsp wheat germ oil,1Tbsp raw honey mix those together then add comfrey powder(root or leaf) just enough To make a nice paste. Put that on the burns and wrap with a cloth muslin works well? This should heal those burns and there should be no scaring. We have used this for two very bad second degree burns and a very bad chemical burn no one has any scares from those burns. Good luck.

  4. I am not sure how I missed this blog post. Ugh! I was missing hearing from you, friend.

    Anyway, I clicked the update on my blog from a week ago (labeled Menu Monday) and wouldn't you know it, I see this post. Who knows, right?

    I am so sorry to hear about your episode with Quinten being burned. How frightening! His hand looks horrible, but it could have been much worse had he not used his brain. (Or used it less than he did.) I do hope it heals well. I can't imagine the pain he must be feeling. I burn my hands and ouch they hurt.

    The snow looks lovely. We got some yesterday. It is lovely to look at.

    I hope you find a new firewood person who is honest as well as kind. Good business gets more business. Obviously this person didn't care too much.

  5. Poor Quinten! He has such bad luck with his hands. Seems to need more looking after than the rest. Pray he heals up nicely.

    Bummer about the car. Hope you can get it fixed soon.

    Love the pics of the kids. Thanks! Isaac is getting really good at his art! Keep it up buddy!

    Love to all.


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