December 10, 2011

The Homestead Journal ~Week 1 ~ Visiting Friends...and puppies!!

What We Are Learning
This past week we spent a good portion of our time with peer teaching for math. The older ones are teaching the littles skip counting, as it not only helps the olders hone their math skills, but the littles have fun as well. Jacob is also working in civics. I really enjoy it and we are going to read some texts that surround the foundation of government such as the Federalist/Anti Federalist papers and Walden. Quinten is working in his music lessons and was excited to see that he can earn a scout badge for it. Abigail is working on her paint set and crochet. Isaac has been working in several of his self study books. Zachary loves math and gets frustrated that now his math involves reading. He is a great speller but has little motivation to read. I hope the word problems are the motivation. Olivia and Urijah are practicing their writing on just about any surface and I often catch Urijah snagging my notebook to write notes. Ezra is learning his colors, and yellow is his favorite new word. Last night Lucas was finally able to complete the sit up he as been trying to master for months. He has also learned what kiss is. Our project was snowflakes. We have about 150 paper  snowflakes on our living room ceiling 

Our Adventures
We had a few adventures this week. Last Friday we had our Christmas Dinner at Church. Santa made his appearance and I loved Urijah's reaction. He just stared for about 4 minutes, processing the scene then made a run for Santa. 

We also went to visit some friends this week. They had puppies!! 

What's New In Our Life
Joe began a new job this week. Its a full time job so this will be a blessed change from the jobs the temp agency was giving him. Its a great company and we are very excited. 

What We Are Reading
Abigail and Isaac are still reading the Lemony Snicket series. Quinten has decided to begin them. Jacob has been engrossed in biographies on historical figures such as Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Douglas McArthur. Ezra found a comfy spot while Jacob was reading 

 Challenges/Accomplishments This Week
We are working on getting a little more routine back in our lives. We will see how next week goes. 
Lucas is up on his hands and knees. And he is moving.. Unfortunalty, he only has reverse 

My Favorite Link/Quote/Photos
Some photos Jacob and I took this week. I love the look of cold skies. 


  1. Urijah looks like Abigail! I love his reaction! I would imagine that seeing and hearing Santa when your little can be quite a jolt! Sam still won't talk to him!

    Oh my! Those puppies are so sweet! (I won't show Cati...she wants a puppy! LOL)

    All the best to Joe at his new job!

    Love the new set up and seeing photos of the kids!

    Love the 3rd photo down with the setting? sun and the fence. Who took it? Jacob? LOL

  2. I recognize my couch and afghan-this is while I was there! Zachary had that same shirt on the day I arrived. Had fun doing the snowflakes!


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