December 30, 2013

The Homestead Journal~ Week 109~ Last Days of 2013

On The Homestead 
There has been little activity on the homestead. 
We had a busy few weeks with work and errands. 

Lucas and Ezra helped Abigail and Quinten make cookies.,

Quinten is working on a chicken coop. I have offered suggestions, but he is doing this on his own. I will take photos of his progress. He said I could do that. He dug the post holes for the frame, and is building the sides and platform. He will add a ramp later. This is all made with recycled materials he has found on the property. 

I didn't notice it at first, but I saw Zachary washing dishes with a clothespin mohawk.. 

We do not celebrate "Santa Day" and as far as religious celebrations we do not do much for those either. 
But we have family and friends who do. Christmas day a church family brought Christmas dinner to have with us. It was nice to have some company, especially ones who can relate a bit. The wife's father is an "off grid-er". Their children had a blast exploring the cabin and the property and our children were more than willing to show them around. Dinner was great. I just love green bean casserole, and ham. 

Isaac got an oragami kit from my mom, he had fun making the kit ones, then he used the pattern to make larger ones with copy paper and a giant one with newspaper.

We haven't been getting out much, mostly just to run errands. We did swing by the park to see the lights on evening after work. .

Joe and I both have started new jobs. He is working 3 nights a week at a local fast food place. I started a new grooming job at a local grooming shop. This opportunity will not only give me more grooming clients, but also a higher commission. We both like the jobs, but its been tricky balancing the two. Especially for Joe, who has to forgo decent sleep a few nights a week. He leaves shortly after dinner and gets home about 4 am, just in time for me to get up ( and incidentally disrupt his sleep)  at 6:30 

We visited a friend, her family has a little homestead. 

baby bunny 

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  1. I love to see Christ centered lights and decoration. How did the cookies turn out on your wood stove? I have a lot of respect for people who live in an off grid way and know how to "rough it" according to today's standards. I would really like to know how to bake and prepare meals using our propane grill. Though, it isn't much different from our gas stove and oven, is it?

    1. cookies tend to be doughy or too hard.. working on that happy medium

  2. Glad to see they got the gifts I sent! How about the other kids? Hope they all enjoyed them! Love to all!


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