November 04, 2012

The Homestead Journal~ Week 47~ Carving Pumpkins

Homestead Happenings
I spent Wednesday in my pajama's not leaving the house, determined to organize my pantry.    I don't have the system I want due to me not figuring out exactly what I want. Good thing there is Pinterest to make the decision even harder. I did take one idea off Pinterest. I made meal baskets. I took everything I need a meal and put it into a bin. I did 9 bins, enough for 3 days. One thing about our pantry this time of year is most of the refrigerator stuff is fine on the pantry shelf. I went shopping from my newly reorganized pantry and make a list of the 5 items I was lacking, all of it was produce. I will be doing a post soon on how to shop from your pantry! 
This photo is from Saturday, I did a 5 day meal plan( I need more baskets). I them made a list from the items I was missing, again most is dairy and produce. 
Meals below are 
Breakfasts:, bagels and yogurt, 3 oatmeal breakfasts and omelettes
Lunch: Spaghetti, Hummus, Mac & Cheese, PBJ
Dinner: Potato & Cheese Soup, Black Bean Salsa, Chili, Stir Fry, Taco Salad
*Every Sunday we eat one meal before church and one after church, its a " lupper". The older ones fast, the littles have an extra snack.  Its out alternative to Fast Sunday in which we are asked to fast for 24 hrs on the first Sunday of the month. 

Thursday the 5 oldest children carved pumpkins. 

I don't recall when, but I had this vision of building a barn style home. I think part of it comes from my love of the architecture of barns. In addition to the simple home design it provides. I have passed a few barns in our travels and in online searches but never quite found the design that was in my head... till this  Thursday ( on Pinterest of course!) The link did not provide interior photos, but I have it all laid out in my head!
Now we just need to find our land to put it on. We haven't even decided on a landing spot. So for now, we will just keep going with what we have. 

Our Adventures
We spent Sunday afternoon with some wonderful friends. It was a beautiful drive out to their farm. I did end up leaving my diaper bag ( with camera inside). So this week may be a little light on photos, I didn't have use of my camera till Thursday! 

Tuesday Joe dropped me off at work while he ran some errands and took the children to the library. It was Zachary's 7th birthday, so we grabbed pizza for lunch. After work we went grocery shopping and Zachary picked out an Uno game. He is fascinated with numbers. 

Saturday we did a little shopping and went to pick up some firewood. Its a beautiful drive to our friends house and the skies were just beautiful that day! 

Jacob and Quinten spent Friday night at a scout friends house. They went fishing the next morning. Of course, they didn't catch anything but a sore throat.

What We Have Been Learning About
The older children have been working on scripture mysteries. Its been a week of quizzing each other. The children have also been watching How its Made every evening after dinner. They love that show and they learn so much. 

On Our Bookshelf
We borrow a lot of books from the library. The children pick out their own books, and I grab some that I feel they need for school. This is a somewhat partial but nearly complete list

The Little's Books 

The little's have been put on restriction for having two more library books lost or destroyed. They tend to leave them in the yard. They did not have books this week.

The Older's Books

Jacob is reading Road to Serfdom. It has been on his list but he didn't want to read it.. He has agreed to at least read the first chapter.
Quinten is reading a book on Science and Technology in the Middle ages
Abigail is up to book 47 in the Nancy Drew series, Indian in the Cupboard
Isaac is reading Ivanhoe, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table 
Zachary Scooby Do chapter book, Kidnapped, Treasure Island

The Schooling Books

Crafts for Kids who are wild about insects
Every day life in Bible Times 
Fantastic Fossils
Fun with Nature
Groovy Gems
How does a bone become a Fossil
Incredible bugs 
Math and Logic games
Mighty Minerals
Outragous Ores
Rockin Rocks
1,000 Facts on Bugs
Drawing creepy crawlies
Incredible Grasshoppers
Strange Spiders 

Mom's Books 
The Backyard Homestead 

What We Are Watching 

Netflix Streaming 
Curious George (family)
How its Made (family)

Hulu Free*

Parenthood (mom)
Bones (mom)
Alf (family) 
Green Acres (family) 

Abigail and Isaac have been using Book Adventure to quiz on the books they read. Check it out! 

Challenges and Accomplishments
We have made some changes to our chore list and rewards ladder. The ladder has not been in use, and I felt the children needed to have some motivation and reward for the extra work they do. We are still doing the domains and all are happy so far. This is a family decision and all of the children have input. I have made a point system for extra chores ( floor scrubbing, closet organization, etc). I have been gathering some neat little items from Dollar Tree, and other stores. Isaac was the first one to reach 25 and he got a little travel coco mug, he was working for.-

My husband and I have been working on reconnecting. After 18 1/2 years I am still very much in love with him as he is with me. With all the other things life brings along, we find our patience runs thin, we are usually too tired or too busy to spend even a few moments together. I have been working on nagging less, he has been working on helping me more and we have taken the time for a little kiss here and there as we go along.

Link/Quote/Photo to share
We started our Thankful tree, click here for printouts 

Additional Photos to Share 

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  1. Did you know they still sell homesteading property in Missouri. I have a friend who is doing it, I can find the link to the propertys if you want.

  2. I understand the library book things for the littles. My little ones leave books everywhere - except outside. But, it is aggravating to constantly be walking over books. The lack of respect for them drives me nuts. Yet I continue to check them out for them.

    The pumpkins look great and love the basket idea for your meals. Do you really eat that much spaghetti for one meal? Just curious. If so, you have one hungry bunch. :)


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