February 16, 2014

The Homestead Journal~ Week 116~ Winter Blah's

On The Homestead

The babies are growing fast. I would love to get some good photos of them, maybe next week.. They are super bouncy! They hare hard to get to sit still! Mama is a good mom, but she has a low tolerance for them doing "nurse~nastics"..... and I understand that! They love to climb, we hope to make them a little mountain this next week. 

Lucas doesn't get to go outside much... Its been really cold. But we had a warmer day and he got himself dressed to go out. Quinten took him out for a bit. He got to play with the baby goats and was so exited to tell me about it.

We have had trouble with our road... See its a back road off a back road kind of deal. And it hasn't been plowed or sanded at all this year.. I have called the county and the state. At first they gave me some excuse about it being chip n seal. But the other counties take care of the chip n seal roads. We have had a hard time getting in and out of our road to go to work. We have  spent many mornings pushing ourselves out of a spot, we have also worn down several tires. This is the photo of one night this week, as Joe came home from work, and was stuck.. This is not from one storm, this is compiled from all season, so its snow and ice, melted and refroze. Its difficult to drive on. 
This is our rescue attempt the next morning.. 
We ended up having to call a neighbor to pull us out. 
Thankfully he has a tank of a truck with big rugged tires.. Maybe we need to get monster tires for our van next year! 

The day I took this photo, the county finally came out.. The sanded up to the first hill and turned back, they couldn't make it the rest of the way..  A few days later they came back with a tractor. Maybe next time they wont wait so long. I am just ready to have a road to drive on again. 

Jacob has been working diligently on his garden planning.. We haven't been able to get more cinder blocks due to weather, but we plan to.  Quinten is finishing up the chicken coop, we hope to get chickens by the first of March. Planing to start seeds that week as well. 
Of course, this little visitor was sunning himself on our icy path. Hopefully he knows more about the arrival of spring weather than we do.

Our Adventures 
The woodpecker finally came back. I keep trying to get a good photo of him.

Sunset on the way home 

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  1. Pictures are wonderful. So sorry that you have to deal with that road. It looks horrible. I love Lucas' face in that pic.

  2. I LOVE Lucas' expression! He's so adorable! Sure miss that little guy!


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