April 09, 2012

The Homestead Journal ~ Week 18~ Staycation

What's New In Our Life
Well, not much is new in our life this week. And for now, that might be a good thing

Homestead Happenings
Joe had vacation time earned so we decided to have a stay~cation of sorts. We spent a good part of the week cleaning up the outside and getting things settled in.. we really didnt do much last summer after we moved in so there was quite a bit to  do.. there was also stuff left around from the previous residents, and since they were Amish, we have found some neat things. On top of cleaning we have also been working on our off grid living plan. We have an idea for a summer hot water heater and solar oven. We will have wood heat and cooking for winter. We can do fine without a fridge, but we did decide we needed a freezer, and a small icebox for temporary refridgeration. I will be working part time to pay for these investments.  We hope to have a small solar electric system by the end of may, for lights, and such.  We took a break this week from any formal lessons, but we sure got in alot of hands on learning!

Our Adventures 
Sunday was our annual conference from our church so we stayed home and listened. We had some friends over. They are a young family and we really enjoyed their company.Tuesday we went to the library  and took another friends two children with us. Since it was spring break they had a change in story hour and so we had a magic show. It was a little corny but also entertaining. Wednesday we went out to the lake and did the    2.5 mile walking trail. It was beautiful weather and we had a blast.The children collected a ton of specimens for leaf  and tree identification. Saturday we went to a little friends 1st birthday party and visited with them for a while. 

On Our Bookshelf
We finished To Kill A Mockingbird.. The children loved the "Hey, Boo" part. We started reading the BFG. Some light reading while I decide on our next book. The children have a huge stack of books on our library shelf, too long to list but Quinten is reading some chemistry books and Abigail has many horse stories. She and Isaac finished the Lemony Snicket series.  

My Favorite Thing This Week
Having my husband home all week..Why does work interfere with our dreams? I long for the day when we can both work from the homestead.. 

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  1. I look forward to hearing more about your off grid living. You sound like you are enjoying life on the homestead. I look forward to meeting the family some day. :-)

  2. Do ya'll still have that fridge I got from our Church?


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