December 15, 2013

The Homestead Journal~Week 108~ 2 year Anniversary of The Homestead Journal!

On The Homestead 
There has been little activity on the homestead this week. Funds are running low and the cold weather has kept us from any of the current outside projects. A few people have asked about making donations. We would be very grateful for donations. Whether it be items you no longer need, gift cards or money, we are truly appreciative of anything an everything. $5 is a box of screws. $20 is a roll of insulation.. you get the idea. I am also working on a supply list, for those who have tangible items to pass along. There will be more info in the side bar of the blog.

As my family has grown, the "categories" have changed. My two oldest have always been "the boys" Then we had a girl. So it was the "boys" and Abigail. We eventually morphed into "The boys" "The middles" and  "The littles" and at times, "The girls" and "The babies'" 

These are my littles. They are 2 and 3. Lucas loves hats and apparently gloves too.. They are very engrossed in their tv show.. Lucas cracks me up. He is more adventurous and outgoing than Ezra.  Ezra is cautious and a little more to himself. 

We have been lazily studying sign language over the years. We have learned many sign words, but we forget them since we do not use them. Next week we will be learning one new word each day ( or close to it) and applying it to our daily speech. I will be posting these on our twitter page.

Our Pyr's stay outside, but the boxer, well this is where she sleeps

We didn't head out much this week. I had an extra day off due to weather. Joe and the boys did head out to get more wood this week. We are using about a rick a week... a bit more than I would like, but it runs high 24/7 and its been below freezing most nights. 

We did head out Monday to do laundry. If I had the investment money, I would open a laundromat here, we just have two really ratty ones.. I know it would do well, if anyone is looking for investments *cough*hint hint*cough

These are a few of the dogs I groomed this week

Additional Photos To Share 
One thing I do enjoy about these cold temps is that it is very pretty. Here are some of my photos this week. 


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  1. Wonderful winter pictures, Nicole. They capture the beauty perfectly.

    The dogs look so cute. I love how you groomed them. Ours is short hair and therefore needs no grooming. Just a bath now and then.

    It's been pretty cold here in VA. Same temps as you all did. I am so glad you all have a source of heat, even if it does take a lot of wood. I would definitely be looking around next spring and summer in search of free fire wood. It would sure help your stock pile.

    Your little ones are getting so big. I still remember when you were pregnant with Lucas and Ezra was a wee one. Or were you pregnant with Ezra? Oye! I just can't remember anymore. Anyway, time flies, right?

    Keep warm and have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. I was pregnant with Lucas when we met. Ezra was a baby. We have plenty of wood here, we just need to get a chainsaw. We should have a good pile for next winter.

  2. I love the winter for the beauty also! LOVE the pics! The "littles" aren't so little any more!

  3. Beautiful ice photography Nicole! Lucas is growing too fast. I will always remember cuddling him in the rocker every day! Miss them all so!


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