January 16, 2011

assignment #4


Here is a list of coupon sites you can print coupons from. I also have it as a reference on the side of the blog.

Go to each one and sign up and/or bookmark. look thru and print the ones you want. Set your ink to black only to save $. If you choose, you can create a new gmail or yahoo acct for emails from these co.'s. I use my regular email but I opt out of the newsletters.. I do not receive any spam from them

Arm & Hammer 
Betty Crocker
Box Tops
Coupons Inc 
Eat Better America
Everyday Eating 
Home Solutions
Johnsons Baby
Living Naturally
Nestle Baking
P&G Saver
Short Cuts 
Smart Source 

1 comment:

  1. Of course your time is well spent. I am very seriously into this and I very much appreciate your help, especially with a recent pay cut.

    Aunt Mary


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